How to understand the serious intentions of the man or not ?

How to understand the serious intentions of the man or not ?
You will need:
  • Meet the Parents
  • Please
# 1

Many girls, met with the guys want to know what their intentions: serious or not.Sometimes it depends on the adoption of a very important and crucial decisions.The behavior, words and actions - these are the factors that will help in how to understand the serious intentions of the men.If the man decided that it was the woman he had been looking for, he will spend with her all my free time.At any convenient moment to call her, even without any reason.

# 2

Another indicator of the seriousness of the relationship man is a declaration of love of his beloved.As it gives them is very difficult, they are trying to weigh the "pros" and "cons."Try to understand their relationship to the girl.And yet, if the long-awaited sounded "I love you", it means that the man decided on the choice.Most men can not be satisfied with only a platonic relationship, they need more and intimacy.

# 3

How to understand the intentions of Man?He only wants to have se

x with a girl or he really loves her so much that is simply burned off his passion.In this case, you should make a small test man.Invite him to meet with parents.If he agrees, and the evening will be nervous, but after asking about what he is impressed by the parents, then there is no doubt about his intentions.It really belongs to the girl seriously, and these relationships can develop into something more.

# 4

Another way how to understand the seriousness of the man, an acquaintance with his parents.Basically, the guys are not familiar "anybody" with their parents.Men are trying to have a girl friend with her parents, only when they are confident in their feelings.You can also ask the man on the provision of any service.Here's how to find a man intent in this case: if a man is serious, he would not refuse help, even if it will need to sacrifice something (fishing or just meeting with friends).

# 5

But do not constantly check the man, he may push away, he can feel the girls confidence.And while she will think about how to understand the intentions of men, and test it in different ways, it is quite simply grow cold to her and leave.A woman will have an open trough.Of course, no need to drive to give his nose.But the constant checking is also no one likes.You must try to relax and surrender to the relationship, enjoying every moment.Then the sincerity of feelings will not take long.