How to propose a girl to take a walk ?

How to propose a girl to take a walk ?
You will need:
  • Bouquet
  • Fantasy and originality
# 1

Before thinking how to ask a girl for a walk, make sure that the chance of reciprocal feelings takes place.For any self-respecting girl would not go on a date with unsympathetic to her subject.There are certain rules to be followed in the formulation of the invitation.Firstly, it is necessary to talk not about their desires, and that it will date a girl.It will be interesting, fun, unusual, extreme?The colorfully paint the attractive prospects - a mandatory item of a successful invitation.

# 2

main thing is that it did not look like self-promotion, or unpleasant suspicions may arise from the young lady.Secondly, to walk a success, the invitation must contain the element of surprise - so it will be much harder to deny.Invite need friendly, natural, calm tone.Let it looks like nor what non-binding meeting.Do not tell everyone your view that the refusal to break the heart and trample on self-esteem.Girls love confidence and slight negl

igence (not to be confused with the disrespectful!).

# 3

Third, the study will help generate interest in the girl herself hobbies.You can find out what cuisine it prefers, he loves to spend their leisure time.Maybe she likes the active forms of entertainment, such as rock climbing, biking, paintball.You can invite himself to her companions, if, of course, physical training allows.A good option - to learn about her favorite music and get tickets to a great band.As a result - the reputation of a male dream provided.

# 4

joint campaign for the concert will long be remembered for both, of course, if she is not a fan of some of pop singer.If a girl is interested hendmeydom, you can invite her to the master class, which teaches some kinds of needlework.It can be painted toys, scented candles or creating soft toys.Learn something together - the process fun, enjoyable and moving closer.Fourth, theatrical effects and immense scale will help to achieve the goal.If the invitation is to do pre handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, even a girl with a heart of ice will not be able to refuse.

# 5

You can send flowers to somebody and put a note in the bouquet with compliments and inviting.And not in form of a question, and in the form of statements.Gallant, gentle but insistent.Of course, before the storm the fortress all possible arsenals, make sure that the young person is able to test the response of interest.For this purpose it is necessary to test the waters, talk for a while in a friendly, but did not prolong this period.If a girl is willing to laugh at the jokes of Man, often looking at him, not suspended when accidental contact, quickly responds to a desire to communicate - it's a sure sign that she feels sympathy.

# 6

If her eyes appear deceitful lights if it picks up flirting mood, trying to touch you and says, compliments - so she feels romantic sympathy.But even if the girls interest only friendly, it agreed to spend time with the young man speaks volumes.The main thing is not to fall prey to manipulative.There is a type of girls who knowingly use the guys to have fun at their expense.This behavior should be nipped in the bud.

# 7

As the girl offer to go to the cinema, so to make it sound natural?You can start a conversation about the movies, make her laugh, and at the moment of climax suggest talking casually: "It is necessary to go to the movies What is interesting today is?" In a tone as if it had just occurred to him.Spontaneity is fascinating, and it wants to follow.Nothing, if she offered to take a still friends - during the film still does not talk, and the first kiss in the cinema and did not count.

# 8

But after the session, you can go for a coffee with cheesecake, and then take her home, and it is this part of the walk will be a romantic evening.The most important thing in a successful invitation, doomed to success - well thought-out.evening program must be well planned and saturated.In no case do not need to force the girl to come up with options for fun.If it takes the initiative itself and say, where would like to - well, if not - it must decide a man.With the further development of relations is possible, of course, ask what she would like to do and where to go.But the option of a first date is to be invented man, the girl felt a sort of a little girl, for which staged a personal holiday.