How to start dating a girl : the right approach

How to start dating a girl : the right approach
You will need:
  • girl
  • relationship
# 1

about how to meet the girl at least once in life thought about every young person.As is known, female logic, women's standards, and in general all women to men is often a confusing and mysterious.The young man may feel that he is doing everything right, but she, for some reason did not react the way he wants.In fact, the guys admit a lot of mistakes, as often listen to his friends, those who love much to embellish, or get their information from movies and TV shows, which are very few situations is really true.That is why, in order to learn how to learn, communicate and establish relationships with the girls, you need to understand what they like and what does not.

# 2

If a young man looking for a woman somewhere it is in any case should not be intrusive in a public place (street, cafes, transport).Many young people are somehow confuse persistence and obsession.Yes, women really like it when they are making.But, they can not stand it when men simp

ly do not give them a pass.To know how to start dating a girl, you need to first understand what kind of person she is.Therefore, it is imperative to have a conversation with her.Just do not make formulaic compliments or say that her boyfriend had already seen somewhere - such behavior annoying girls.To become acquainted, which can turn into a relationship, you must be interested in a girl and let her know that she had a young man have common interests.

# 3

In fact, there is no universal formula for which is to build the first conversation with the girl.Just need to improvise and to closely monitor its response and mood.If noticeable that the girl bored immediately need to change it.Everyone will start a relationship only with those who are interested in it.Otherwise, there will be mutual understanding and people simply to part.Therefore, if a young person sees that communication with the girl did not catch on, perhaps he should try his luck with another lovely lady, because that's just not his people.But if people have something to talk about, and she would like to continue such talks again and again - this is the beginning of normal adequate relations.After all, women really love the ears, just men need to learn how to use it.

# 4

How to start a relationship with a girl that young people already know?- This issue was also tormented by a fair number of guys.After all, it would seem, communication between people is already there, but the real relationship for some reason can not be obtained.In this case, you need to understand how she relates to the guy.If she did not feel for him of sexual interest, the fact that he did not do, the relationship still does not get it.But if she sees it as just a man, not a friend or brother, then you should definitely try it charm.As mentioned earlier, women really like it when they are making.Therefore, if a guy wants to start some kind of relationship, he needs to show a woman that she really did not care for him.

# 5

For every woman in this index are very different acts and actions.Some appreciate help, someone wants romance, and someone who likes unique gifts.Communicating with the girl, the guy needs to understand exactly what she wants, and try to fulfill her wishes.It often happens that the girls do not notice the young people simply because they are afraid to do something wrong.In fact, if a young person something and make a mistake, at first, even the fact that he decided on a particular act will be highly appreciated by every normal girl.If the little lady beautiful deeds, and she begins to extort something, then, such a woman is better not to get involved because it is pursuing materialistic goals, and normal relations with it simply can not be built.

# 6

information on how to start dating a girl, men very different opinions.And, often, they do not coincide with a woman's outlook on the situation.Therefore, if a young person is familiar with a friend of a girl with whom he is in love, you can seek advice from it.All the women tell their girlfriends a lot of personal.Therefore, beloved friend can help with advice and tell what exactly you can win a beautiful princess.It often happens that men are not even aware about the true desires and dreams of girls.But their girlfriends perfectly all know and can tell that it is not available to win the heart of the Queen.The main thing is to convince the girlfriend is that she did not say anything to the girl.Otherwise, a pleasant surprise to be spoiled and beautiful lady will not be able to fully admire the guy act.

# 7

And the last thing is to advise men who want to start a relationship - do not rush and do not put pressure on women in sexual terms.Normal women want to be sure that they are attracted to guys not only on the level of instincts, but also as individuals.If a woman has to make it clear that the man just wants to be with her, and nothing of it does not need, it is much faster it will fall in love and agree to build a relationship.Therefore, you should always show more respect for a woman as an equal person, and not only see a sex object.Start a relationship with a girl - it's not as difficult as it may seem to many young people.Just need a little effort to be smart, and most importantly, do have real feelings to the one with whom you want to meet.