How do you know that the guy fell out of love ?

How do you know that the guy fell out of love ?
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# 1

Communication between the sexes is a very complicated phenomenon.Sometimes the relationship between a man and a woman are continuing, but rather by inertia for someone, because love has passed or there feelings to another person.At the initial stage of dating a guy with a girl (or a man and a woman) is almost always true romance, love, interest in the opposite side.Over time, feelings or blunted or move to another stage, with the communication and relationship between the parties can continue.In all, as well as in the relations man and a woman, have a life cycle with its stages.When is a flower-candy period and relationships become routine and commonplace girl who had previously been spoiled with compliments and gifts, beginning to think that she stopped loving.Is this really how to understand that the man fell out of love?

# 2

There are many small signs (beacons), which can shed light on this issue.One of the most important factors in the relationship

- is the time that a person spends with his half.On the one hand it does not cost anything, and on the other - there is nothing more valuable than time spent jointly.If the guy used all his spare time was ready to spend for the beloved and now he has other things to do: fishing, sit with other computer games, the delay in the work - his love for the girl was less than.Perhaps he no one there except the girl, but his precious time on his or her it is a pity not planned.The sharp decline in spare time, which is given to the joint Activity - basic indication of how to understand that the guy fell out of love.

# 3

Perhaps a woman satisfied as a wife or a friend, and a man in no hurry to leave.Perhaps nowhere else to go, but the love is gone, and relations have moved into the plane of mutually beneficial exchange: a male - breadwinner, female housekeeper.Many may arrange, but for someone's feelings in the first place.

# 4

Another bright beacon, symbolizing care about love, is criticism and irritability.If at the beginning of dating a man I filled up my favorite compliments, and now he comes one criticism - or where he finally saw the light vljapalsja, or a sense of the past, although the former can be the cause of the second.On the other hand, criticism and irritation men may be due to accusations and criticism from its second half, so do not jump to conclusions and think about the reason for such a situation.

# 5

important mechanism that triggers the love of men to women is sexual desire and sexual frustration.Sexual desire can be replaced, if the woman ceased to try, for example, recovered, or the man found the best option, or both sides are tired of every time the same thing that influenced the decline of mutual attraction to each other.This result may also be the result of sexual failure and criticism from women.Perhaps she should change her behavior in bed, to be an actress, to try to play along with the man in the realization of his fantasies.Therefore, the next beacon loss of feeling is the deterioration of sexual relations or mechanical performance of the marital commitment.Of course, after 35 years of sexual function in men decreases, but kissing, hugging and other forms of physical contact can talk about the presence or absence of feelings.

# 6

Many girls (women) the fact that the end of the love note to change the number of SMS messages to a mobile phone or gifts and flowers.Unfortunately or fortunately, this is not the criteria, it is just a tribute to the traditions of a particular phase relationship between the sexes lifecycle.