As the " split " of children in divorce : the real situation

You will need:
  • Deciding whom will the child amicably
  • Deciding whom will the child amicably in court
# 1

course, foreach child's parents' divorce - a psychological trauma and make a choice in favor of someone is very difficult.First of all, when it becomes a question of how to divide the children need to take into account their interests, but do not try to use a child as an additional argument against the husband / wife.Most often it happens the other way around, and the children become a lever of influence, rather than the object of care and love.Questions on how to get married after the divorce should be the last place, because first of all it is necessary to think about the child's mental state and his feelings about the gap parents.Very often we even turn help of a psychologist.

# 2

Often the question with whom the child will be solved amicably, but sometimes in court, which is especially painful for children who have the right to choose the parents themselves only after reaching

the age of 10 .. If a child is not 3years, it is likely to remain accurate with his mother.No need to immediately think about how to change the name after the divorce that will emphasize even greater gap between the parents, and therefore leave its mark, which drags along serious consequences, often growing into a nervous breakdown.The issue of how to survive the divorce of parents, psychologists are often involved, as seemingly banal life issue becomes a serious problem.

# 3

Divide children may even induce suicidal thoughts, and therefore dramatically sever relations can not in any case.The child should be gradually prepared for this, explaining subtly and scrupulously all the complexity of the situation.The question is how to help the child survive a divorce rather complicated.Firstly, it is necessary sometimes to meet, to go somewhere together, creating the image of the family again.Secondly, in any case does not prohibit the child to see his mom / dad, or, even worse, set it against the former second half.Best of all, of course, to avoid divorce and keep the family together, but life is life and people who have become strangers to each other, can not pretend to be and to live together in an artificial family.In this case, with a break do not need to rush, and gradually prepare the child for the parents divorce peacefully settle all questions.