How to recognize a man intent on gestures ?

How to recognize a man intent on gestures ?
You will need:
  • Care
  • Gestures
  • Smile
# 1

Signs of Love.Masculine words do not need to attach great importance, as they can be misleading, it is better to observe his gestures, which are sometimes more eloquent than all the compliments.Every girl wants to be loved, and not thrown after the first date.But before you go for it must be found signs of a Man Love.When a man is usually a favorite posture straightens, shakes off specks of dust from his clothes, he tries to fence gesturing girl from rivals.So how to recognize the intentions of men, gestures do not always work out, we can look into his eyes, love will always look into them, and the girl who is indifferent - will take.

# 2

serious.If a young man has serious intentions towards the girl, then he will always support it, that is, will give a hand, fills a chair, bring drinks.So before you understand the intentions of the young man, we should remember, whether there be such a small manifestation of attention, and if so, then you ca

n safely rely on long-term relationships and not be afraid to go out with him.Also refers to the serious intentions of the desire of man laugh Woman, surprise, to please her with something and other small nice touches.

# 3

indifference.Reflecting on how to determine the intentions of the man, you should pay attention to the gestures that speak of indifference.When a guy does not want to communicate with the girl, then as soon as it suited him, he folded his arms across his chest.This gesture means that she is not interested in him, and he did not consider her beautiful.Also, if the man in conversation with a girl constantly turns away and says fragmentary phrases, he says that the girl he was not interested.So how to understand his intentions in this case will not be difficult, so it is best to leave the field of view of the guy and find yourself another.

# 4

gestures of a sexual nature.If a man sees the girl as a sexual object, then his hands when talking with her will on her hips.If the man with his thumbs in his pockets, he was ready for closer communication with the girl.Reflecting on how to determine the seriousness of the men should pay attention to his laugh, louder than he had, the more he likes a girl.Also, when a beloved man in love just breaks into a sincere smile and will always smile in her presence.If you pay attention to the gestures of Man, then we can understand its true attitude is still at the stage of love, and thus it will be easier to protect yourself from disappointment.