How to admit the guy in sympathy : Secrets of Seduction

How to admit the guy in sympathy : Secrets of Seduction
You will need:
  • romantic place
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Beautiful clothes
  • Suitable words
# 1

Silent recognition.To the girl to show their sympathy for the guy, it takes a lot of courage, because no one wants to be rejected.But if you act in a certain pattern, the recognition will be time to stop.At first, it is recommended to show their sympathy silently, that is more likely to praise the object of his adoration, you can even ask for his help in what - ever, and then invite thanks in a cafe or a movie.

# 2

romantic place.Reflecting on the fact, as the guy to confess to liking, choose a romantic place, but that is only if it is seen that it has an interest, or in place of delight can get frustrated.As a romantic place you can choose a cozy café, a bench in the park, a Ferris wheel, the main thing that at this time there were fewer people, and no one could interfere with sacred words to say.

# 3

Appearance.As a rule, most people have an idea of ​​how to manifest sympathy, so to admit

to her boyfriend, you should consider your appearance.Namely, to dress in a special way, if you know exactly what the object of adoration will be present in that particular place.This will give him a reason to think that she dresses so for him, and for his response to be seen whether he likes it or not.

# 4

right word.Knowing how the boys are showing sympathy, you can be sure that the feelings, will and mutual adoration of the object of their ridicule not.But to be safe, you should choose the right words, they must be neutral and softer.You can just say that the guy likes, instead of "love", or, what is pleased with him and have fun.After these words, at least there will be friendships that can develop into something more.

# 5

favor.Psychologists to the question of how to express sympathy, it is advised to carry out the object of adoration more time.For example, we often ask the guy to help anything - anything and ask to do a little favor.So man will understand that he is not indifferent to the girl, and probably will do reciprocal favors, for example, will invite to the movies, or give flowers for no reason, and perhaps he recognized his feelings.

# 6

Signs attention.Not to be left with nothing, you should know how to understand the sympathy, then we will not be afraid to admit their feelings.It is necessary to analyze the behavior of the object of adoration as responds to praise, compliments of different girls.On the basis of this analysis, we can understand whether or not to admit her feelings or not.Sympathy - that's not love, so if the object of adoration does not attempt to rendezvous, then you may want to leave it at that.