How to write that we part ?

How to write that we part ?
You will need:
  • Will
  • ability to make decisions
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Forgiveness
# 1

Everyone dreams of personal happiness, and often it is associated withloving relationships.Any person has his own ideal of the second half.But to find it is not easy, and so before in our lives appear the man we meet on your way a lot of other fans.Surely everyone will agree that it was not easy to part with them.Parting imposes on man's responsibility for the decision.When a loved one otvergaet- whole world collapses.For the initiator, most likely, this event is too hard to bear.How to reduce the frustration and pain of separation?Is it possible to stay friends?The most common causes of rasstavaniyaU each person has their own reason for the beginning of the relationship, just as a reason for stopping them.Someone starts a relationship with boredom, while others fall in love with all my heart and I can not live without a loved one.There are those who seek sexual satisfaction in a relationship.

# 2

And someone has agreed to become someone a couple just because pay attention to it.How on earth people, so many situations.But in these situations, there is something General- korys.Yes, yes, you can deny and screaming that "Our love is selfless," but, alas, every person need something from the other.In relationships people need affection, caring, someone in financial support, someone just needs mistress or master of the house.Each person has a set of desires, which in his opinion should realize his lover.If we see that a person does not meet expectations, and can not meet our zhelaniya- we begin to think about the separation.And so it turns out that the separation is a simple, but very important reason - discrepancy between ideals and reality.If a person wants to become the initiator of the break in relations, in such a situation, it is necessary to clearly analyze, and whether there was his imaginary ideal in reality?Will he find it?If a person is looking for a serious relationship, it must understand and remember that unfortunately ideals in our world does not exist.

# 3

How do you say the break otnosheniyNikogda can not rush to disagree with your loved one.First you need to clearly think about their decision.Nevertheless, if such a decision was taken, then nowhere to retreat.An experience.If a person in your life already experienced separation, it is the pain experienced person to whom it is spoken.If this is the first experience in the severance of relations, it can not do without the help and advice of this article.Many proponents afraid to see emotions in response to your words, so often want to write the news by e-mail.This, of course, makes it easier.But it will look silly and disrespectful.If the decision was taken, it is necessary to have the courage to report him in the eye.The initiator of the gap should be ready for the most unexpected reactions of the person.

# 4

To understand this, you need to present yourself in his place.So at least it will be able to mentally help the one who hears the phrase "we part."Honesty.When separation does not need to lie and get out.Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.If the reason for your breakup became a rival or competitor, do not hide it.Many women wonder - "how to write the guy that we part?".No need to be afraid of.Better to let it know it, and the sooner the better.You just have to meet him and tell the truth.But then there is another difficulty - some people are not ready for this truth.But in this case does not necessarily lie.You can just hide something and not finish, for his own good.Forgiveness.Be sure to apologize for the fact that these words caused him pain.This will manifest respect for the ex-boyfriend, and load with the initiator of the soul fall.Thanks.

# 5

Just need to remember all the happy moments of your relationship, and thank you for them.This will keep a positive attitude.Before the breakup to happen, you need a lot of time to think about what will happen next and whether you really want it.If all, the end came, then do not try to bring it all back.This will only increase the pain of separation, even if to bring back the past like.We must take it as it is and to trust in fate.Nothing in life is not accidental.That's all the tips for making important decisions in life.At first glance, the simple advice and think that they know everything.But often in such situations, they are forgotten.Not to leave and be happy!