How to lead a married man of the family ?

How to lead a married man of the family ?
You will need:
  • Jealousy
  • Pregnancy
  • Magic
  • woman of his dreams
# 1

woman of his dreams.All women dream of having a family, but it often happens that the beloved is married.You can, of course, to be measured with the status of a mistress, but hide all life - is not an option, but you can always try to divert a man from the family.To get an object of adoration, should be for him the woman of his dreams, for sure, he talks about his wife's shortcomings, you only need to remember not to repeat the mistakes.It is necessary to try to make the relationship warm and gentle, without scandals and accusations, then the man will have less to spend time at home, and soon left his wife.Only in this case will have to maintain the same relationship, otherwise it will quickly return to his wife.

# 2

Magic.Reflecting on how to lead a married man of the family, the conspiracy of love can be found, it is well known that magic gives good results and help to bind a man forever.If you do not want to do i

t yourself, you can always trust it to a professional magicians, so they made a strong spell.But it will be expensive, so you need to raise money, and find a good magician, he did everything as it should be.However, remember that this is a great sin, and the first one should try to take him away on their own, and when it does not happen, then have recourse to extreme measures.

# 3

Pregnancy.You can try to take away a man from a family with the help of a child, but that option does not always work.Firstly, you need to look at the situation from different angles, and secondly, it is necessary to calculate the escape route, because the object of adoration may simply ask to have an abortion, and then stop all relations.You can just tell him that he might become a father, and look at his reaction and further action.If he will be happy and will begin making plans, in the future it will be possible really to get pregnant, and if will change in the face and talk about abortion, it is likely mistress for it - it's just fun and serious intentions towards her had not.

# 4

Jealousy.To withdraw from a family man should make his wife jealous, and made him the scandals.Such torture withstand not everyone, and soon he was tired of living in hell and he will gather his things and leave.But few take away someone else's husband, you should still try to hold him back, so should be encouraged his desire to praise for every little thing, to please him.Having played on the contrast, you can easily bind the man who will simply adore the woman.Determined to lead the man of the family, it is important to ask yourself a question: "And whether it be good for him to go on such a victim?".Perhaps on the way to meet a free man, which will be much better lover, and it is worth the wait.