How to tell her husband about the divorce : psychological techniques

How to tell her husband about the divorce : psychological techniques
You will need:
  • Well think about it, the main thing is not to hurry
  • Remember: respect, understanding, and patience - it's the most important thing in this situation
# 1

If the house reigns tenseatmosphere.It does not matter who or what is responsible for this situation.First, you need to take this fact as a fact.Good weigh everything before an important conversation.This theme emotional otlichaetsya high degree.Sure - it's a stressful situation, so it is necessary to act with restraint, as much as possible.Take finally the initiative and decide how to tell her husband about a divorce.

# 2

there are many options.All especially individually.The most important thing to remember is that once the decision was made to marry by mutual consent.The basis were: mutual feelings, desires and needs.Perhaps other reasons.Today - it is no longer relevant.And so the platform for the talks should be: dignity, respect, and most importantly patience.It is desirable to conduct the negotiations in a neut

ral territory.

# 3

How is divorce?It is necessary to imagine that it is a disease, to heal you must first make analyzes, to appoint, after a course of treatment, and go through it from beginning to end.The treatment will be successful if the patient believes in what is sure to get better.All thoughts should be focused on the positive.Often the fear of the upcoming conversation can turn away from the decisions already taken.There are doubts about the correctness of the decision.The different arguments to avoid divorce?If you do not pull the time, the question will be less, all the pros and cons on the back burner when clearly adopted position.

# 4

For such a complex conversation you need to choose the right time and place.It should be all right to discuss.Main all kind tone and make it clear that your part already decided.Fluctuations and indecision can hurt.It is necessary to explain the following: This step is undoubtedly the destruction of emotional attachment, leads to a change in the usual way of life, and the collapse of the overall plans for the future - but it needs both.The first step behind.

# 5

not necessarily at the first interview to discuss how to get a certificate of divorce.It is necessary to give time to her husband to think things through, to accept the situation.It is not necessary to press so as not to hurt his male ego.Such an approach in the future will help avoid many emotional problems and disagreements.For the next time, when he will already agree with the situation, we can talk about formalities.Any questions, how to arrange a divorce, it is better to entrust to a third party.

# 6

desirable immediately after divorce does not start a new relationship, or to suspend, if they already have a place to be.The new partner probably understands this position.Now the main thing to finish with dignity past relationships.Put an end.Only in this case the future relations will develop successfully.Since our past shapes our present and influences the future.