Inviting guy walk ?

Inviting guy walk ?
You will need:
  • ability not to get lost
  • Restraint
  • Emotional security
  • Confidence
# 1

In any case, you need fresh makeup neat hairstyle, manicured handsand stylish outfit.If you do not like myself, you will be able to appeal to the young man?

# 2

Be bold.

# 3

If you see a strange guy, for example, at the bus stop across the street or at the university, decide whether it is worth somewhere to invite him.

# 4

Approach it and perekin'te few words on any topic that took place there already desired bus, whether to try the chosen dish or as a man to enter the university wing of TAN-3645.

# 5

After a few minutes of conversation, you'll be able to understand whether or not you want to go with this guy for a walk.

# 6

If instinct says it's a decent option, do not panic, as if he just ask, do not want to walk in a place with you, for example, the city park.

# 7

Whichever answer you or hear, keep cheerful view: gloomy, desperate men do not attract women.

# 8

nice guy If your society, he agrees.For there is no judgment.

# 9

If a young man for a long time you like, and you would like to be more than just friends, tell him about it directly.

# 10

This may dumbfound him, but that's okay.If he feels for you the same feelings, you make an appointment.If not, explain that your friendship is very important, and you try to save it.

# 11

If it happens in a bar, ask the waiter what drinks young man and send him to the same drink with a note on a napkin.Text depends entirely on your imagination.The guy can not help but get hooked to this brave girl.

# 12

And there already you'll be able to talk to him and make an appointment outside the bar.

# 13

If you are seated next to the cafe, send him some sweet dessert, which Build out a napkin with a phone number or a request to make a company.

# 14

Remember that any guy will appreciate a sign of attention.

# 15

If he just ignored you, then it's boring and not worth it to waste time.

# 16

Always be yourself.

# 17

Do not waste your strength on a person who is not interested in you - that's what you have to remember once and for all.