How to give pleasure to the partner ?

How to give pleasure to the partner ?
You will need:
  • allows partners to do what he likes
  • diversify sex life
  • cook a delicious dish for
  • dinner a romantic evening
# 1

man and woman, peoplefrom different planets sometimes have completely different desires.The wisdom of women is clever tricks that allow you to keep a man for a long time there.One of the main secrets of a long and happy life partners - periodically to give pleasure to each other.

# 2

To know how to please a partner, you need to become familiar with its passions and hobbies.Many men, for example, love to go fishing.You must let your partner DMPA fish whenever he was invited friends.Do not be jealous and vain tormented question, how to check the partner and whether it is fishing.For women, shopping is important, so do not hold back her good impulse "stingy."At least once a week, a man should allow his favorite outing shopping with her friends.

# 3

Intimate life - an important element of life together to save a long relationship.In addition, it is one o

f the ways to determine the compatibility of partners.Therefore, it is necessary periodically to make your sex life element of novelty.A woman can please a partner, arranging for sex games an unusual outfit.Select the image of a teacher, a nurse or a stripper - all depends on the preferences of the second half.

# 4

As you know, the way to a man is through his stomach.Therefore, to please his beloved can be a delicious meal.A hearty dinner after a hard day's work definitely cheer up the other half.But for men to cook your favorite dinner is just as difficult as finding a business partner.However, if the dish is still succeed, the woman will not be less happy than her partner.

# 5

Romantic dinner has not been canceled.Champagne and appetizer with lit candles, soft music in the background cooing of two doves in love - the perfect pastime joint evenings.The romance is possible to arrange at home, in a restaurant on the roof of the house, on the beach - after such weekends between partners disappear every mistrust and question how to check the compatibility of partners, will cease to rise.