How to mend relations after the divorce with ex-husband ?

How to mend relations after the divorce with ex-husband ?
You will need:
  • husband
  • Divorce
# 1

to forget her ex-husband, be sure to completely break off all contacts.if you share common children or any general business - you need to try not to communicate at least one year after the divorce.It is necessary to try to delete all contacts: from friends on social networks, from icq, as well as a number from the phonebook.Such physical gap will begin psychological distance.

# 2

We must try not to dwell on this difficult and sad event.How to survive infidelity and divorce?Try to live polnoyzhiznyu, engage in favorite things or come up with a new hobby.Full social life wonderfully distracted by personal problems and helps get rid of depression.Remarkably helps another way: change the appearance.Make a new haircut, hair color, or buy a new dress.Nothing is more uplifting, like new, sexy and attractive image.

# 3

If enough time has passed, it's time to think about kaknaladit relationships after divorce.Try to forget all past grievances iposmotre

t on her ex-husband a new look.If the couple was married in the church, itself a question: how to debunk after divorce.This is a very serious step, before which stoitneskolko think again.After all, the church does not approve of divorce.If all takireshenie accepted, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements.

# 4

first grant in the diocese in which the wedding took place: the passport of each spouse, wedding certificate, divorce certificate and petition.After izucheniyadokumentov, a priest of the Commission will hold a conversation with each side poslushaetprivedennye arguments and during the week a decision will be made.Uvazhitelnoyprichinoy to dispel the death of a spouse or infidelity.

# 5

Divorce - it's not only a great shock for kazhdogoiz spouses, but also a difficult moment for the children.In this case, the mother needs to know how to help a child survive a divorce.In no case can not be ogranichivatobscheniya child with his father.It will be another stress for him.Postaraytesokruzhit child attention and affection that he would not feel deprived.

# 6

Thousands of women once in their lives through a divorce, and they know how to forget her husband after the divorce.Now they live again bright polnotsennoyzhiznyu.Communicate, share their problems and experiences, not nuzhnozamykatsya confidence.You have to be strong and to believe that all sure to succeed!