How to get the guy to attract attention ?

How to get the guy to attract attention ?
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • sense of humor
  • Mysteriousness
  • Cheerfulness
# 1

Of course, to attract the attention of a young man, first of all need to look good.For guys, as children, they first look at the appearance, and only later noticed the inner world of women.The main thing here is natural, because a mistaken belief that a huge amount of makeup and flashy clothes like men.This is not so, then the maximum that can be achieved, so it's an unforgettable night adventure.

# 2

always have to be self-confident, timid and shy glances phrase, of course, nice, but the desired result will not bring.Man must feel the girl's confidence and independence, qualities encourages decisive action toward you like a girl.So fascinated that a man paid attention to the young lady, you should always be of the same opinion, so he sees the girl in person, not spineless pacifier.

# 3

addition to self-confidence, she should always be able to laugh a young man, because joint jokes give a great positiv

e energy, and on the background of happy events sympathy occurs much faster than on the basis of depression.So fall in love Man will be much easier.

# 4

girl should be a mystery, it is not necessary immediately to unpack a suitcase in front of him his past life, because man has created for himself the image of the perfect woman, and thus can immediately destroy the good impression of themselves.So the question is how to charm Man, will cease to be relevant.

# 5

The most attractive feature of the women, according to 80% of men - a joie de vivre.Smile and laugh always attracted others.This trait is able to make the best impression on the man, but it is not necessary to go to far with a laugh, otherwise it may give the impression of the presence of a mental disorder.

# 6

These are the basic rules to captivate a man.But we should not immediately be confident of a positive result.It is necessary to remember that the qualities that are like one man can not always please the other.The main thing to tune in a positive way and to believe that everything will turn out.Good luck!