How to quit smoking on their own ?

How to quit smoking on their own ?
You will need:
  • Cigarette Ashtray
  • Willpower
# 1

Many wonder what can it attract people to smoke?However, strangely enough the answer is banal.People smoking causes nicotine contained in tobacco smoke.It has long been conducted studies and have proven that nicotine is able to provide a stimulating effect and give a feeling of temporary euphoria.To put it simply, the cigarette when smoking can get a kind of "high", so there is uplift the mood and for some time there is a surge of strength.When a person uses a nicotine regularly, after a while there is addictive and no dose body is no longer able to live.In the case where the body is not received nicotine may fail.This especially affects the nervous system.

# 2

Instantly there is irritability, hot temper, sometimes it can be the other way around, that is. E. A person may become drowsy, inhibited.Another indicator of the lack of nicotine can be blood pressure swings, increased appetite, thirst.When a smoker decides to quit the habit, t

hen this approach should thoroughly and be prepared for some difficulties and hardships.Here the question arises: how to quit smoking?According to statistics, about 70% of smokers want to get rid of the habit, however, of these, 19% do not even have attempted to quit smoking.If a sufficiently large smoking period, then for the final deliverance from the nicotine addiction may take several attempts to quit smoking.In the early stages should carefully read all the information about the effects of tobacco on health.

# 3

Do not neglect the facts that have been proven through research.Because smoking is capable of hitting each body of the smoker, which contributes to the emergence of various diseases.Should quit smoking, you can reduce the risk of death or development of various diseases.It is not necessary to hope that with a little cigarette tar and nicotine safer.And the most dangerous thing that smoking is the starting point of cancer.It is worth considering that smoking can negatively affect health.You can check yourself in the presence of any symptoms that occur in smokers.This can be: phlegm, cough, high blood pressure, before the appearance of wrinkles, shortness of breath, constant state of fatigue.

# 4

If you find these signs as the best treatment is to abandon the habit.To motivate non-tobacco smoking is to provide the main reasons.You can start with the most important and foremost to improve their health by getting rid of nicotine addiction, it is possible to live a little longer without smoking, feel completely independent person, second-hand smoke, which is not bad enough to pursue the opportunity to save on cigarettes.Much better I feel people who do not smoke.Quality of life is much improved because it will not smell the smoke from the tobacco no clothes, no car, no house.Children will be much healthier, normal reproductive and sexual health.

# 5

There are several methods to quit smoking, and that it was effective.First, let's focus on the reasons for which there was a desire to quit smoking.Further, there are several steps that you must pass in order to finally leave the relationship, to decide for themselves the specific day to quit smoking.Once reached a point of quitting, there should not be any delay.It is necessary to throw away all the ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes.In no case do not allow smoking in the car and at home.This will create an additional incentive in the house healthy atmosphere.It is worth at the time of giving up tobacco to find a support group.The best company will be in this period - it is a smoker who wants to quit smoking.Some difficult moments will be much easier to bear.

# 6

should pay attention to what may cause an irresistible urge to smoke.Very often the main stimuli can be coffee, alcohol and stress.Also, the hand can be pulled automatically for a cigarette, the other to see if a smoker.It is worth asking friends of smokers do not inhale a cigarette nearby.It is necessary to constantly monitor themselves.To help cope with a difficult task.It is necessary to drink more water in order to suppress the urge to smoke.You can engage in physical activity, so this will help improve mood and cravings go away.Do not overload your brain thinking about smoking.As soon as there is a desire to get a cigarette, it is best to ask a friend to talk to.

# 7

distract in any case, to eat something delicious, or in extreme cases, to chew the cud or take candy.It is necessary to constantly avoid situations that may be associated with smoking.It is necessary to permanently stop smoking.Many people think that if you smoke only one cigarette, it's okay is not it, but this is the first step to ensure that return to constant smoking.We should not forget that the longer refrain from smoking, the less want to make a puff.For those who survive for three months without a cigarette, have a chance to quit smoking forever.Once a person quits smoking, it is usually the weight starts to be added.It is worth at this point to help your body balanced nutrition, diet and do not consume a lot of calories.

# 8

can add life to a measured physical exercise, drink plenty of fluids.Do not give up, if you could not quit on the first try.Do not give up.So many who made several approaches to finally deal with the addiction.There has been a breakdown in the house, and again there were cigarettes, no problem, again to throw away all the ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes.It all started with the first step, until the goal is reached.