How to be the perfect wife and keep her husband from cheating ?

How to be the perfect wife and keep her husband from cheating ?
You will need:
  • good mood
  • notebook Glider
  • desire to engage each other and the house
  • trust in your loved one
# 1

Almost all girls dream of a wedding almostfrom the cradle.All of them represent a holiday, where they will be in the spotlight, but that's how life will be after the celebrations do not think many girls even before the wedding.Rather.Married life seems to them like a continuous celebration in which they are queens, and the favorite will perform any whims.Of course, those who are married, say that all this is true, but in fact to make dreams come true is not difficult, it is worth just a little to make the effort.How to be the perfect wife, so that it was natural and effortless?We have to admit that to arrange the perfect family life without making any effort, it is unlikely to succeed.After all, family life - it is the union of two adults who have certain habits and patterns of behavior.

# 2

But sometimes it happens that these people have completely different points of

view on the same problem, which they naturally consider correct and steadfast.To recognize the existence of other points of view and give them the right to life - is the foundation of a strong and cohesive family relationships.It is not necessary to think that by adopting the point of view of the partner, husband or wife betray themselves and devalue experience gained previously.On the other hand, going beyond the usual judgments, people become wiser and more insightful.But enough of philosophy, because in order to become an ideal wife has very specific recommendations.And there stick to them even at 50%, the life with your loved ones will be just like my childhood dreams - beautiful and light, full of fun and pleasant moments that will long remain in the memory.

# 3

first rule on how to keep her husband from cheating - is the belief in the senses and trusting relationship.Do not just get a hostile reception, if the husband was late from work, most likely he would call the cause of the delay.Task woman to show that she believes him, even in the minds of women have some doubts, but my husband does not know.No need to also roll hysteria, if the husband wants to chat a bit with friends.Somehow, many women find chat with friends in a cafe something natural and self-evident, but it is worth a man to give a hint of what he was going to drink beer with friends at the bar, in the woman's head appear colorful pattern change and orgies.For gatherings with friends as such does not come to an end, so what's the difference?

# 4

Another no less important rule - self-care.Fortunately, many women have realized that after the wedding, it is not necessary to dress in shapeless robes and walk around to the house with a very nutritious green mask on her face.But many still relax after marriage.To my husband wanted home after work, he must be sure that the house is waiting for him not only a hearty dinner, but also a pretty wife.And this does not need a lot of effort: A whole day can be done and masks.and terrifying men, but very effective coffee scrubs, but 10-15 minutes before arrival is necessary to clean up the husband, fix her hair, clothes, make-up removed.And it is not necessary to do an evening make-up option for the arrival of her husband, for men important natural beauty and scent of the woman he loved.

# 5

Another equally important factor - the cleanliness of the house.If a woman brings order in the house only for her husband, then her enthusiasm soon disappear, as could give the impression that he did not notice anything.But it is necessary to throw the cleaning, the notes begin to appear almost immediately.How to cope with such a situation?First of all, do not need to do anything for her husband - to clean and cook.First we need to appreciate and respect themselves, because men often want to win, but if it all has been done, then strive to nowhere and men often go to the new object searches.By the way, if a man knows that his wife was self-confident person, who lives primarily for himself, he does not want to change anything, because he knows the lady in the cavalry rebound is not, well, male jealousy much more feminine.

# 6

Just do not do anything with excessive force.Let it be not so easy to fix yourself home and children 15 minutes before the arrival of her husband, but after it was done, you need to give her husband to understand that such an atmosphere in the house all the time, not just when heIt comes from work.The same goes for playing sports, no matter how hard, but to show it in full is not necessary.The only time you do not need to fly in the face in front of her husband and family - it is a disease.The husband should be aware that this match is not alone and that there are some household duties, with which he can cope at the time of his wife's illness.Here, questions about how to keep her husband from adultery, should not arise at all.A decent man, and in fact the majority of elected representatives is such will enter the position and help around the house.

# 7

not easy to cope with the task of maintaining order in the family, self-care, work and hobbies will help diary-Planner.In general, it should be in every modern woman, not only a business woman.It is not easy to remember and to compare children at sports practice, recording a manicure and, thus, more to remember a shopping list and a weekly menu.Using the Planner, the woman never gets into an awkward situation, too late somewhere or confusing dates.And it gives a lot of self-confidence, which men prefer not to notice the women, but so fond of her presence.In general, the main work on the creation of an ideal wife, is to improve the self-esteem of women, as soon as it will be improved, many problems will disappear by themselves.And the husband will notice that he is living with an interesting, wise person.