How can a man like me ?

How can a man like me ?
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# 1

When a woman is in love behind her "grow wings".She wants happiness to sing, dance and give joy to others.It aims to tell everyone about his feelings.But, it is a woman.Men show their love as actually fall in love a little differently.And of course, when a woman loves, she is trying to get confirmation of the senses from the object of their sympathy.All her thoughts only on whether he loves me and how to define it?According to psychologists, a man's love is primarily based on instincts.Feelings stronger sex is not just different from the manifestations of love of a woman, they are completely different.But, after all-clear and determining that man loves me as possible.It is worth paying attention t

o the behavior of the man, seeing her home.For example, if he hurries quickly go all the way or ready to detour several kilometers?If so, she can be sure she at least likes the guy.

# 2

to determine whether he loves me is worth paying attention to his attitude.When a guy is in love, he agrees with any desire lover, trying to please her, of course, is trying to do it imperceptibly.For example, at work, he can make the tea and make sandwiches, but for all employees in order to divert suspicion from himself.If a man loves, for it is important to view women and he listens to him.If a woman, for example, specifies that she does not like his jacket or shirt, the more he will not appear in them.Trying to seem indifferent, I love the guy in the meantime trying to find out about his beloved as much as possible, while remembering every detail.Should the girl blurted out that she loves roses, tomorrow he will give her these flowers.But, most of all, do it secretly, so she did not even figured out who this mysterious admirer.

# 3

Determine loves does not love a guy possible with the help of his personal space.If he does not mind when she crosses his personal territory, we can say with confidence that he feels for her high feelings.Not one man will not let a woman to him too close, if he does not like.LOVE like a guy on the contrary, that his fiancee breaks the boundaries of personal space, it is flattering and very nice.A man may long to look somewhere, for a reason to smile in the company of his beloved, the stronger sex, too, is not alien romance.Joint pastime, is the best option how to determine whether a man likes.Any man in love, seeks as much time as possible to spend in the company of his object of desire.When a guy instead of entertaining friends prefers a society woman, is a direct proof of his love.

# 4

Another point to determine how a man loves, this change in his character and habits.He is trying to change for the better to please his beloved.If fiancee is working with a guy, the latter will try in any way to get her attention, for example, telling jokes or laugh out loud.Some representatives of the stronger sex, contrary feel and behave awkward in the company of women.It says that the man 'in love head over heels "and his feelings whipped over the edge.Physiology in this embodiment, will tell all of it: rapid breathing, sweaty palms and heart palpitations, it's hard not to notice.There are non-verbal signs and symptoms of high emotions:.. Hair straighteners, frequent touching the ear or chin, removal of clothing nonexistent dust, etc. Men, though are the stronger sex, too, are able to survive and go crazy with love.