As the boys are showing sympathy in real life ?

As the boys are showing sympathy in real life ?
You will need:
  • look
  • Behavior
  • Gestures
  • Smile
  • Touch
  • Voice
# 1

look.Every girl would like to know the true attitude of the boys, and in fact it can be determined by using some simple techniques.The easiest way to determine the boy's sympathy - is to pay attention to his eyes.In the views of interested boys will be read with interest and respect for the girl.His eyes are wide open, and he will look gentle and warm.

# 2

behavior.Thinking about how the boys are showing sympathy, should observe their behavior.They will constantly come across in the eyes of his adoring subject, ask questions and so on.In other words, the boy will try to steal the attention of a girl he liked in all ways, including not quite the standard behavior, such as twitching or hair hiding her personal belongings.

# 3

gestures.For the most part, the boys do not know how to express sympathy, but it can be calculated, if observe their gestures.As a rule, the boy in the presence of an object of sympathy will

correct their clothes, hair, blow off dust from the trousers and worry seem worried.Often boys when talking like a girl literally everything to fall from his hands.

# 4

smile.If the girl does not know how to understand the sympathy for the boy, she should pay attention to the way he smiles.It is necessary to approach the boy, ask any question, and smile, if a boy like a girl, these actions certainly cause his answering smile.You also need to look into his eyes, because he liked the girls think it will catch with undisguised delight, trying to show their interest in it.

# 5

Voice.If the girl does not know how to admit the guy in sympathy as not confident in response feelings, it should when dealing with him to pay attention to his voice.If a girl is a pretty boy then his voice is gentle, soft and velvety.Some of the boys in the presence of the object of adoration begin to joke and laugh out loud, attracting thus the attention of the girl.And when the boy liked person asks a question, he may start to worry about, and in some cases even stutter.

# 6

Touch.Not every girl knows how to manifest sympathy for the opposite sex.But it can be expressed touches, which at first glance may seem random.Often, the boys are trying to get closer to the girl, thus violating her personal space.Identify sympathy boy is not so difficult, the main thing to adhere to the methods described above.