How to deliver pleasure to the man at a wedding anniversary ?

How to deliver pleasure to the man at a wedding anniversary ?
You will need:
  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Beautiful underwear
  • Striptease
  • Domination
# 1

Wedding anniversary - a special day for both spouses, it is worth noting his romantic.This couple can spend the day differently, visit an exhibition or a theater, a delicious meal in a restaurant, but in the evening be sure to stay together.If resources permit, you can stay in luxury in a respectable hotel, to change the familiar surroundings and get the most out of their seclusion.However, the house is possible to arrange the original lighting, use drapes, unusual tableware.Assist as candles, fragrances.Spouse, pondered how to bring pleasure to the man on such a day, it is worth to take care of the foam bath, snack aphrodisiac, enjoyable, exciting music, original decor of the interior, and the main thing - the complete absence of distractions, such as phone calls, television, etc.

# 2

One should take care of their appearance.You can make her husband a surprise, pre-purchasing a refined set of lacy

underwear.It is desirable that the model was provocative, seductive, and the color was perfect conditions, eye color and hair of women.Taking care of your image, you need time to make depilation, tidy nails on the hands and feet, use a special perfume with pheromones.These techniques are not only prompt how to deliver, but also how to get pleasure from the proximity of the woman herself.It is also recommended to change the linens, fill the bed with elegant, perfectly fresh sheets.

# 3

Depending on their abilities, a woman in such a lovely evening can prepare any number - Oriental dance, a romantic song or strip.Dance exposing traditionally considered popular among the stronger sex persons, and in the performance of his wife, he will cause even more interest and excitement.To effectively and nice to dance striptease, you can take a few lessons in advance or use the video instructions for self-study.The main thing - to feel confident in their own charms and overcome complex dissatisfaction with her body.; Before you deliver the pleasure of women, men will amazingly pleasant moments of contemplation dance with the gradual uncovering.To strip it is important to choose the right clothes and the ringtone with a growing rate.In the absence of the pole it is appropriate to use the high-backed chair.

# 4

Everyone in the world knows that men are willing to accept female domination sex.Alas, not all ladies to accept such behavior themselves.However, for a special wedding anniversary day it is very desirable at the time of change and to stand before her husband in the role of a brave and determined seductress.Wondering how to give pleasure to the beloved, it is worth to think about their course of action, possible positions, rhythm and character of intimacy.Let this be an unusual evening, after which it is possible that the woman wants to dominate more often sexually.Readily obeying the wishes of women, the husband will get an incomparable pleasure, and family relationships become stronger.