How to learn to be a low-key and calm ?

How to learn to be a low-key and calm ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Work on a
# 1

At first glance, everything is simple, why does not everyone do it?It comes from the fact that everyone has different temperament.But there are some measures that can help if not always completely, then at least in some situations.What you need to stay calm?At least for what it is - an unforgettable feeling.Anger, impatience and other strong emotions injure the heart and soul of the family.When a person controls himself, he can do more, do better, it may even stop and do nothing - it is absolutely impossible in the heat of passion.So, how to learn to be discreet - practical recommendations.Maybe someone will help them to live more productive lives and become purposeful.All this greatly interfere with unbridled emotion and if you get a bit colder - much will change in your life.

# 2

should stop dramatize.The easiest way to make a big deal in itself, to surrender to the power of emotions and make mountains out of molehills.Even if the problem is ver

y serious when it relates to something deeply personal, it should pull myself together and stop the temptation to exaggerate the negative.It is also necessary to avoid such phrases as "always" and "When".It sounds and looks very banal, but if you constantly repeat to yourself "I can manage," "nothing wrong" and "I'm stronger than this" - the subconscious mind properly respond properly.It will look at the problem from another point of view, even if the effect and will not be visible immediately.The first minutes of all the forces of the body will be thrown on the suppression of emotions wave, and the result will not be so obvious.By asking the question, how to be low-key, it must be remembered that it is hard..

# 3

should be as long as possible to reflect before issue shares with friends and strangers.In fact, it is not necessary to tell anyone, spread to blogs and social networks has just occurred problem.No need to immediately discuss it with friends, it is better to sit quietly with yourself and how to think about it, even a little rest and decide something for themselves, to make their own conclusions.Friends sometimes showing excessive sympathy or too zealously stand on any one of the parties, adding fuel to the fire by their behavior.Much more useful to bring a calm analysis of the situation.Another banal, but it is good practice - visualization metaphors and really help to become calm and to look beyond the incident.Or at least a little bit distracted.

# 4

can, for example, try to present the problem as a node.The more a person panics and the stronger pull on the ends, the tighter knot is tightened and less likely to unleash it.And if you calm down and focus, you can untie it with ease, pulling on one thread desired.It may help vision by yourself cool and focused.In no case should not cry, but you need to move and speak as slowly as possible.That is to try to become calm and collected man who shortly before had the thoughts.If among friends and acquaintances there are people who can be considered a model of equanimity, you can remember it, and analyze, and it would have behaved in this situation and try to do the same.The most important thing - to keep himself from jumping to conclusions.

# 5

A useful exercise is to determine and identify the factors that may ruffle.Certain situations that lead to lose control over their actions and thoughts.It is necessary to analyze these factors in mind as possible with concrete.Pay attention should be on any detail - time of day, the degree of congestion or boredom, and even blood sugar levels.People can lose self-control of what's around too noisy or too quiet, it's perfectly normal.Knowledge of personal stimulus offender balance will greatly help in the difficult task of maintaining peace during the day.Good help the idea that emotions might be manageable.Calm the thought of those situations in the past, which has been contained in a difficult situation, not to let out their feelings.

# 6

Perhaps this helped some third-party event - during an argument someone rang the doorbell or telephone, it is distracted and helped take the emotions under control.It is important to remember it in detail, if it helped once, can help permanently.If on the eve of the affective state in time to imagine the doorbell and it will help to focus on the other, why not?Any ways there will be good.Know yourself, know what it is annoying, but that brings peace - a great blessing.You can try to create a calm atmosphere by conventional means and relaxing action.Turn on quiet music, or sit in silence.You can put out the lights, light the candles and turn on romantic music, go to a warm bath by candlelight.In order to recover, sometimes you need just a few minutes.

# 7

Not only in a stressful situation, and continuously and constantly need to monitor the urgent needs.Some people tend to forget to eat, drink, sleep.It is necessary that the body receives enough vitamins and fiber.Daily exercise and physical exercise helps to remove physical stress, as well as to control their emotions.If jogging and dumbbells are not encouraging - it is possible to do kickboxing.Excessive consumption of caffeine and sugar should be avoided, as well as dehydration.You can drink a glass of water and a trace - if it became easier, as it affected the care and peace of mind.To escape, it is useful to be creative or something interesting, find a fascinating hobby., Watch your favorite movie, listen to relaxing music really helps the sense of humor.