How to make a man and marry him ?

How to make a man and marry him ?
You will need:
  • desire to find love
  • Desired man
  • Studying interests
  • image selection, the right words
  • desire to marry
  • Projecting family life
# 1

Regardless of age and social status, women are looking for love, find love, lose, suffer, again looking for, and such a cycle characteristic of almost every single woman or girl.And the exception is not seen.Everyone wants to love and be loved.But unfortunately, the failures of not insured by any one of the fair sex, to how beautiful, smart, rich, good or successful it is.True love does not choose money or beauty, in fact, committed feelings no matter how attractive the face or figure, is much more difficult, and perhaps easier.Love is either there or not.Nevertheless, to cause me a certain sense of male female tricks no one has forbidden.And how effective they are - will result.

# 2

Thus, the desire to find love there, what to do next?Of course, from scratch any action completely pointless.To achieve the love of the man, at least you n

eed to have in mind a particular guy who likes attracted physically and mentally.That is, a person with whom the girl-woman wants to connect his life, and that means that living together with him, to share his life with him, to give birth to his children and grow old together.And it really is a very serious choice.Therefore, before taking any action in relation to a particular man, you need to think about it and analyze it.And if the prospect of spending your life with this person does not scare welcome and fully satisfied, then you can begin to plan their actions - and how to get a man to marry him.

# 3

will not be considered as an option to meet.At this stage, it is assumed that man and woman are already familiar.It is more relevant question - how to attract a guy to him a desire to make a closer acquaintance.First you need to analyze and classify all known data about the guy, his character, his habits and preferences.It has long been known that the initial relations develop from a community of interests, from the visual appeal for a particular type of some mutual interests.All this may very noticeable play the girl's hand and serve as the primary bait.Like football guy?Why not go to games with him now?He likes to eat?You can have a party at home and boast of his own cooking.

# 4

If the primary list of interests is made up of about Man, it's time to try as much as possible to attract his attention.Image.He followed with interest looking blondes?You can experiment and be at least at the time of glamorous blonde in its taste.This option will allow to attract bait and throw good cause not only friendly interest, based on the commonality of views on life (as mentioned above), but also to attract a man sexually, that is, to combine the two most important and strongest components of any close relationship.This version is almost a win-win.No man is able to resist the object of female combines friend and lover, common interests and sexual attraction.This is simply a heavy artillery, fought on the spot.

# 5

How to achieve a Man - is not the main problem.The question is - how to keep more of - how to marry him.Because men are walking to many, but you are getting married in the main on a single, the same.And originally in all their actions should be guided by the girl goal is to become precisely the most for him.What do I need?It is no secret that even having a wonderful friend and lover all rolled into one man thinks of the registry office in the last turn.So how do you bring it to the decision of marriage, if relations get him failed, but hand and heart he is in no hurry to offer?Here begins the main, the most complex and tricky phase of our plan.You need to call in the man thought of the girl as a future wife.It is difficult, but not hopeless.It should be very carefully and gently enter his life.How to do it?

# 6

To begin with the most important point - to join his family and please his mother.At the first stage it is not so difficult.Long met, sooner or later, he met with his mother, and that's the main thing here to show himself caring a housewife blows away dust from her son.If it succeeds, you can be sure that the wedding is not far off.But sympathy for the mother is not all, it is necessary that man and he wanted to tie the knot.But here all the steps to attract still quite simple and trivial, but despite its simplicity - almost magical.From time to time talking about life or any housework unobtrusively need to screw the floor - We.That is, referring to the economy mean any concerted action - we will do, we will go, we buy and so on.All the magic of words and their impact on the psychology of magic.

# 7

This tactic is called projection.Quite simply, the man unconsciously begin to think in the same way.That is, with the same - we are together, together.A combination of these words and mean by a life together.This means that, as if he had already mentally prepared for the fact thinking in a similar way (with a light hand women) - that this is the WE (marriage, family, living together) is inevitable and a matter of course.And all the rest is a matter of time.So, under the right actions and systematic approach to win the man and marry him it is a matter of technology, planning and patience.Do not rush things, you just need to be consistent and cunning.Happiness and love in our hands, is wanted.