How to make a girl to kiss you ?

How to make a girl to kiss you ?
You will need:
  • Community
  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Poetry
  • Signs attention
# 1

kiss a girl who likes to be earned, and the guys should be aware of this.It is known that women tend to be those who are pleasant and nice to talk to.This means that before entering into the girl in his arms, it is necessary for her to become a good companion and friend.Force of habit - a powerful factor that makes many women experience cravings for man.So thinking how to make a girl to kiss you, do not be impatient.Some ladies like men's aggressiveness, but most of the girls gives a kiss on their own.Pleasant pastime, companionship and subtle flirtation will do their work and will give tactful guy tremulous and tender girl's kiss.

# 2

situation for the first kiss should be quite special.If a guy really likes a girl, he will try to make this moment memorable and romantic.Any man is quite able to create surroundings for the first rendezvous, which is sure to please a woman.Seeing thin white candles, beautiful

ly laid dinner for two, and laid out with rose petals heart, girl, of course, give the guy the hottest and passionate kiss, which will be not only her feelings, but also gentle gratitude for a magical evening.In creating a romantic environment and help other traditional attributes - lyrical music, romance, flowers, fragrances, exquisite champagne or white wine.

# 3

In this age of high technology and the rapid pace of many girls are yearning for true romance, beautiful displays of feelings peculiar to the Golden Age.So the guy who dare to read their favorite poems, certainly will be rewarded with the most passionate and devoted kiss.Creation of the great classics of Russian poetry can cause the most magical feelings.This light wave excitation, young and touching experiences, and dreams of a beautiful and pure love.Poems can make even the most mundane situation special, lyrical tone.To do this is to work hard and learn a few works of Pushkin, Blok, Yesenin and other masters of love poetry.It is desirable that the verses were not included in the school curriculum.

# 4

Any nice girl attention.And if you hit a nice and please the young person, you get a gentle kiss is not difficult.In this case, you can not treat it as a reward, but as a first approximation, a joyous impulse, the desire to show their feelings.So the girl will appreciate without any reason given bouquet set of favorite sweets, a ticket for a long-awaited theatrical production, paid for Thai massage, a subscription to a tea ceremony master class favorite crafts, professional photo shoot, their own custom poster collage of her photos, weekend excursion, skatinglimousine, horse or quad bike, a romantic dinner for two in the beautiful surroundings, as well as many other attentions that tells a fantasy.