How original apologize to the girl ?

How original apologize to the girl ?
You will need:
  • Girl
  • Resentment
# 1

Of course, you need to consider before deciding how to apologize to my girlfriend that caused the conflict.Since not all grievances can forgive and forget.If the reason to quarrel banal, for example, the guy has not made during garbage or failed to comply with some promise, then forgiveness will be quite the usual dinner, which he had prepared himself, then surely she would forget their little grievances.In that case, did not call, did not write the message, the method how to ask a girl's forgiveness is much more complicated if the man ignored the favorite few days.But here, all is not lost, it is possible to do something original for his lady and win her forgiveness.For example, to write on the pavement outside her house with graffiti, some romantic declaration of love.Especially will look original message is laid out with rose petals.

# 2

no less effective method originally apologize to the girl, it is to make a list of her desires.A man, in turn

, undertakes to fulfill them, whatever they may be.You can use the guitar (if you have the skill game of course), to write their own songs and perform under the balcony favorite serenade.Someone a way to ask for forgiveness may seem trivial, but still need to have some courage to venture on it.Rare Woman will not touch such an outpouring.Another original way of how to ask for forgiveness from the girls, it's radio.To do this, you just have to know what station she always listens.Then arrange with friends or acquaintances to those during the day called on the radio and original way asked for forgiveness on behalf of the girl her boyfriend.My favorite will not be able to resist and always forgive.

# 3

All the girls love shopping, because you can use such an original way to ask for forgiveness, how to offer her to buy what she had long dreamed of, but could not afford it (of course, it has to be expensive purchase, for example,gold) .Some very original young people to be forgiven of his girlfriend, used and completely unexpected methods.For example, take a horse in the rent (today it is not difficult to do), wear armor and so on. E., In which a drive up to the chosen home with a bouquet of flowers.If a loved one has a dream to go on a trip, you can carry it out (subject to availability of financial opportunities), it will also be quite original and unusual.But as has been said above, there are wrongs that do not forgive.Therefore it is better not to provoke such unpleasant situations, then do not have to ask for forgiveness.