How to make alimony without divorce : responsibilities of spouses

How to make alimony without divorce : responsibilities of spouses
You will need:
  • lawsuit in court
  • application for alimony
# 1

How to make alimony without divorce: Acting suprugov.Oformlenie alimony, being married on a voluntary basis.In general, the procedure is especially no different from those required when alimony in a divorce.Given the fact that many women do not have the financial ability to file a claim in court to pay child support, this procedure can be performed without a formal divorce.Every woman in this country should know how to make alimony without divorce, because the situations are very different, and no one is immune from trouble.

# 2

Such penalties by one of the spouses can be required not only in the case of an informal divorce, as well as a situation where one of the parents does not fulfill his paternal duties or someone of the spouses is not operational.In the event of a peace agreement, spouses may independently specify the amount to be paid.If no such agreement, the law relies 25% of total revenue.

# 3

Every parent in this situation, think about how to tell your child about divorce?But do not do it in a raised voice and blaming the other parent.Such news can hurt the psyche of children of seriously enough.All must be done quietly, even in the case of the "war" with her husband.It must be remembered that for the child the most important thing - it's his parents and in his understanding, they will always be good.It is not necessary to tear down childhood view your child a happy and loving family.

# 4

According to statistics in recent years, almost every couple think about how a divorce.In Ukraine, a fairly simple process of divorce.If there is no child in the family, this process takes a little time and is carried out in the registrar office.If there is a child in the family is the partner property claims, such a claim is only considered in court.The application to the court for divorce may be submitted jointly or by mutual decision, and independently.If one partner does not agree to a divorce, it is delayed for a while.

# 5

In order to know how to speed up the divorce is necessary to see a specialist.But there are small details, which alone can help in this matter.Firstly it is not necessary to combine in a single statement divorce and division of property acquired since the carve-up takes a long time, and divorce will be considered in parallel with the division acquired and sentence imposed at the same time on all issues.Secondly, you can arrange in advance with the spouse of that there were no obstacles, and all parties agreed to a divorce immediately.

# 6

How to recover a certificate of divorce?It's simple enough.In case of loss of the document necessary to apply to the court in which the divorce process and take a copy of the certificate.Then copy this address to the registrar, in which will be given a copy.