How should behave a wife from her husband : Women's Wisdom

How should behave a wife from her husband : Women
You will need:
  • Wisdom
  • Femininity
  • Tenderness
  • Care
  • Humor
  • Love
# 1

Every woman wants to feel happy.Especially in marriage.Some woos cunning husband and some love and affection.What method is more effective?To be a happy woman, wife, married his mother, you need to not only take but give.Moreover, on the shoulders of fragile woman charged with the mission to give more than you take.But this time the ladies can not do it.And for good reason.First of all, you need to feel like a woman and a wife.Being sensual, gentle, courteous with her man.It is with these qualities in modern ladies, and "strained".21 in the yard.Women tend to emancipation, build a career, not a family.Fortunately, most men do not agree with this situation and try to send the women on the right path, the path of a good wife and mother.

# 2

How to be wise, any woman knows her husband.But in theory.In practice, however, things are different.This article is for those girls who really want to learn to find a common l

anguage with your partner and eager to be wise in loving relationship between husband and wife.Firstly, male, including husband, dislike uncertainty.More precisely, it does not tolerate.The wife should know exactly what she wants, when and how to get it.The husband can only help it achieve this goal already.Bitchiness.Up to a point men are attracted to women willfulness.But when the woman - his wife.The wife should have compassion, to understand, to forgive, to be able to cuddle.My husband goes to the house for support, not for the anger and perpetual dissatisfaction.

# 3

Many unmarried women may notice that men choose their wives prudes.And these women are constantly wondering how they, painted and dressed, quite simply overlooked.All this is because over time a man realizes that the nightclubs and partying time to change a quiet family dinner.The wise wife should be able to keep themselves adequately in society, not to get drunk in the clubs.Vulgarity - not horse wise wife.Honesty is valued in any relationship.And especially in the relationship of husband and wife.Each of the female representatives should know how to behave like a wife to her husband.Fair!All chat and talk openly.The relationship should not be secrets.Being the wife of a decent and honest girl - not mauvais ton, but a sign of a wise woman and wife.

# 4

Modern man isolated in a perfect wise wife another not least the quality of moderation.Moreover, the moderation should be in everything.Every wise woman does not spend a lot of money, it is know that the finances needed family.Every wise woman dresses modestly prepares.But this does not mean that women have to run themselves and with the head rush of everyday life and family life is moderate.just to be everything in moderation.Every wise woman always looks sexy.Even when she had curlers on her head and she was in a dressing gown.It is even in this form can teach yourself so that her husband wants.Many women, when married, are beginning to believe that their problems absolutely should always decide husband.But this is not the case.

# 5

clever woman always remember that men typically head is filled with a variety of their problems.The man will not be solved for a wife, in which the powder to wash clothes or cook for dinner tonight.The wise wife for nothing husband is not worried.The problems can be to talk to the husband, if they do have value and can be confident that he will help.Husbands and wives, of course, love compliments and courtesies.Often, women who married, complaining that her husband after the registrar has ceased to please her with gifts, romance and other pleasant moments.But a wise wife immediately thought: maybe it lacks the same.After all, anyone nice to come home from work and see a filled bath, a delicious dinner and a pleasant surprise.

# 6

Husbands are people too and do not belong to the exceptions.In smart women men are always happy and willing to invite them on a date, as in candy buketny period.Woman was created for compromise.Men, by nature, persistent and stubborn.Therefore, a wise woman will give way to her lover.Men appreciate it.In women, men appreciate a sense of humor.They need those wives who could easily understand their jokes, laughing heartily, and even admired their sense of humor.Men love when they are praised.But the wise women use it.And the husband and wife pleasantly pleased.

# 7

Probably everyone will agree that not all of these qualities can be laid in one girl.This does not mean that it is not perfect and stupid.On the contrary, all this can cultivate.And it will be very wise and commendable, if the girl is still at a young age will think about how a wife should behave with her husband.Then it will grow to truly wise woman.The girl should be tender, sexy, smart, good, well-kept, modest.Such a wife is in great demand.One should always remember the wise wife is the best husband!