How to please a guy Pen ?

How to please a guy Pen ?
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • Internet
  • Subjects
  • Lexicon
# 1

Correspondence - very thin and, at the same time, an effective way to attract attentiona young man from a distance.There are thousands of cases of origin of true love by correspondence.The art of seduction through letters and short notes of the modern girl will help mobile phone.With its help, you can send a text message, which will not only cause a keen interest in the man, but also will serve as the beginning of a complete correspondence, and, subsequently, a strong relationship.; It is necessary to send sms exciting guy at a distance, to be interested and intrigued him.We must remember that SMS should be concise, informative, funny or romantic.

# 2

Use of the Internet for correspondence - the usual method of communication for a large number of young couples.Many women mistakenly believe that the most productive correspondence is possible only on the social networks.Indeed, the network helps meet you, see your photos on a vir

tual companion.But if the introduction has already taken place, it is desirable to continue the conversation in the individual mailbox.Such letters will be more personal, allowing more attention to be given to the compilation of the text, it is better to formulate a thought, without being distracted by other interlocutors per-minute messages on social networks.

# 3

What would be interested in a Man by correspondence need to know the range of his interests, aspirations and goals.As a rule, this information will slip into the very first messages or profile on a social network.Smart woman will seek to acquire a Man interested in topics more deeply explore the subject, basic terminology and other nuances.Thus it is possible for a guy to become an indispensable interlocutor, and therefore indispensable, interesting and attractive girlfriend, with whom the young person wants to spend more time and be sure to meet not only the network, but also personally.

# 4

To be a good interlocutor for a guy, you need to enrich your vocabulary.Girl with an extensive vocabulary is of interest to serious and promising guys who appreciate not only the beauty.but also a lively mind.However, do not get too carried away delights speech and information in the most diverse fields of knowledge.We must remember that above all men appreciate sincerity, sincere and gentle words, a cheerful disposition and optimistic attitude towards life.So girls lexicon must contain relevant compliments subtle flattery and lavish praise for Man to conquer his heart forever.