How to be a man in the eyes of the girl ?

How to be a man in the eyes of the girl ?
You will need:
  • Desire
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# 1

sample list of qualities that should have a perfect man, formed in the minds of the girls in the school years.With years of experience and the acquisition of its own that list will undergo many changes and adjustments.But still it remains a symbol of the perfect husband, who is not afraid to entrust their lives and leave, if necessary, on the edge of the world without a suitcase.Every girl their own ideas about what should be the ideal man.But a few common traits inherent, if not all, the vast majority of these bright images of female fantasies.And in the first place on this list is not beauty, as the appearance of a woman and if you pay attention, it is not immediately.By the way, nice guys cause fear of being "one" and is by no means in the first place, so they pass by.

# 2

As corny as it sounds, for women the most important thing is not the man's appearance and his feelings.Specifically, their presence.When a woman chooses her husband, it is ve

ry important to her, so that he really loved and worshiped her.Women need to feel wanted, to hear the sincere compliments in his address, feel the admiring glances.By virtue of his mental warehouse woman really lives it.And if a man wants to understand how to become a man in the eyes of the girl, he should not restrain their feelings and emotions.For women, it is almost a drug, and it will seek the perfect look and behave perfectly in order to once again hear from the man compliments and a new dose of praise in his address.Just before the marriage, every woman strives to clear a spot on the neck of his future second half.

# 3

Subconsciously, every woman would choose such a man in his companions, which sustain its requests, and support will cover in case of trouble, and in any situation is a reliable support.And do not hurry to blame the women rasschetlivosti.It can not be considered commercialism in its purest form, because every woman chooses not only a life partner and father of their unborn children.And she really need a reliable companion, able to withstand the blows of fate.If a man wants to conquer a woman, he should be prepared to ensure that all life will have to wear it on your hands and do it with pleasure.Public opinion condemns as single mothers with insufficient diligence approached the choice of your partner.So commercialism in this matter justified and necessary step.

# 4

it would be strange behavior of the woman who does not pay attention to the physical and mental health of the elect.Only a very frivolous girls can choose companions of life of men who abuse drugs, alcohol or gambling.Such an odd choice says a lot about the state of the girl herself - perhaps she needs medical attention or simply a constant friendly support of family or friends.Health is the chosen one of the most important factors for the choice of the beautiful half of humanity.Because of this factor depends on the state of health of future children, her husband and his active longevity.As far as possible it is to regularly monitor its internal and external health, and it should be done for both men and women.

# 5

eternal problem is often that girls dream not just about loving, but also on the understanding of the second half.For men, this item is impractical, because to understand a woman often can not even she herself.But to find a man simply to approach the girls.We must take note of one simple phrase: "I know what you mean."Saying this phrase in difficult situations - does not mean to lie.After all, the man sees the girl hard, and that she might herself entangled in their feelings and sensations.Even from a simple sentence in such a situation becomes easier.And the man who often turns laughing girl can be no doubt that he was on the right track.Good sense of humor in the list of the ideal qualities of a man is not the last line.Balagura always prefer nerds.

# 6

One of the most sexually attractive male bodies, many of the fair sex is considered the brains.And it's not even the fact that a woman wants to keep her interesting and informative with a satellite, it's much more mundane.A woman wants to be sure that her man will be able to earn a living for the family, using primarily its head, not only with his hands and physical strength.Intelligent work more prestigious and better paid.The stupidity and narrow-mindedness is forgivable for women, but in order to understand how to be a man, you must be a little smarter than the average person.Also of great importance are the preferences men - polygamy, he is by nature monogamous or more.Contrary to popular belief, the eternal hunters do not attract women as men.

# 7

When a woman chooses a man, she wants to climb on the podium and stay on it as the one and only, I want to feel the eternal queen to his king.If a man is determined to marry her, he should say goodbye to all the links from the past, no matter what kind they are not accepted.You must find a way to wean the former (or former) to call the night with drunken revelations, it is not too difficult if you wish.And it is quite strange it would be to stare at passers-by a female, even though their dignity will not leave anyone indifferent.And those men who say that this is not possible, try to put yourself in the place of the future spouses.Most likely, would the scandal was not the end, and she would have to find a new husband.Choosing the ideal, do not doubt belatedly.