As revenge for insulting a colleague ?

As revenge for insulting a colleague ?
You will need:
  • sense of humor
  • Ability to plan
# 1

I guess life is good for people who can not pay attention to insults or other easily forgive them.After all, in their daily lives have to deal with abuse in one form or another, which is very negative effect on the nervous system, mood and performance.If you do not pay attention to the actions of the offender, or forget about them does not work, the fight against internal discomfort may be as a revenge for the insult to yourself and force others to colleagues.

# 2

On the insults from colleagues have a strong influence, as the time spent in the team often exceeds the time spent away from work or home.Therefore, cases of abuse on the job better at the first stop of their manifestation and is usually aware of all the staff team, where he works cad.Insults degrade performance, and if you like to respond to her husband's abusive and wife each decides the offense within the team management should respond.

# 3

This can be used for sett

ling scores, which will require to write a memo to senior management, which should be put into action colleagues most unfavorable for the organization of the world as if it is a threat to the entire work.If it is made of universal condemnation, how you can forgive the insult, or simply ignore the apology.

# 4

Another way of retaliation in the workplace is reflected in the situation which at that ham will be a violator, which will serve as the basis for the introduction of sanctions against him on the part of management.It is worth remembering that in the case of disclosure of the true culprits, there is a risk to get the sanctions avenger.Therefore it is better to learn how to put firmly in place cad or a witty answer to the insult.Then the offense will not be as strong, and the offender will look stupid.

# 5

Likewise, you can try to impose the view that the recent the employee mentality to all colleagues.Then it becomes an object of ridicule, and such an object always has a team that will cause a lot of inconvenience to him.There is a more noble way to annoy the offender - to begin to carry out their duties responsibly.As politely respond to the insult and continue to work without compromising performance, not everyone can, it will certainly be appreciated by the employer and will be expressed in the awards and acknowledgments, which greatly touches cad.

# 6

This, however, should be ready for the emergence of hostility on the part of other colleagues.Sometimes, if you do not respond to rudeness and begin to treat the offender in a kind way, he realizes his guilt and to try to make amends.