How to help survive the divorce a close friend ?

How to help survive the divorce a close friend ?
You will need:
  • new people
  • Domestic help
  • Tears
  • Listening
  • Important things
# 1

Listening.Divorce brings to life the devastation of women, followed by depression.It is important to help her in that moment, that she regained happiness.To help a friend will survive the divorce, the first thing to do is to listen to it without interrupting and without giving any advice.And after that, you can already try to plan something for a few days in advance - let this be the most simple events, but it will distract the woman from the events.

# 2

Important things.Reflecting on how to help go through divorce his girlfriend should focus its attention on the important things.After all, her husband - it is not all in a woman's life: besides she has a job, friends, children - need to remember more about them, and do not get depressed.You should also remind my friend that she is a beautiful woman who will meet her man.

# 3

Tears.If a friend is reflecting on how to divide the children in a divor

ce, in this case, you should give her sage advice.And in order to survive the pain, you need to let her cry it out (and it is better to do it together).In the evening over a cup of tea with jam can recall the failed relationship, to cry over them and let go of the past, to no longer return to it.Together with tears go of resentment and bitterness of loss, and life will become much easier.

# 4

hanging.To help a friend get out of depression, we must do everything that she thought about how to get married after the divorce.To this end, it should be more often invited to spend time in public places.First, you can simply invite to the movies, and then you can go along and to the exhibition, or go to the sea.So it is driven away, and will begin to pay attention to other men.

# 5

Domestic help.If a friend was depressed and even wondered about how to change the name after the divorce, it should be more time with her.To do this as an excuse, you can use help around the house.It is worth to take a child in kindergarten, to buy and bring products or help make repairs.So it will be forgotten, and will not take hasty decisions.

# 6

new people.If the girlfriend does not know how to survive the divorce of their parents, but now it has fallen down and parting with her own husband, in which case it will help to meet new people.You can try to write it on any courses or gym - where she will find a lot of new friends, and, perhaps, a new husband.If a friend has just got divorced, you should support her morally and not throw in the lurch, it is only in such moments, and to know friends.