How to solve puzzles ?

How to solve puzzles ?
You will need:
  • associative array
  • signs hints
  • relationship letters
# 1

For some puzzles, charades and puzzles were in early childhood.At the same time, some people have grown up, like to spend time solving of them.And this passion has a number of positive aspects.In addition, that such tasks allow you to pass the time, they also train the attention and ingenuity.In order to figure out how to solve the puzzles in the picture, you need to know certain rules.Grasp the decoding of the next rebus, you must first analyze it.That is, you must understand that it is shown in the picture, to be able to build the associative array.After all, the same image can mean different words.For example, painted a rose may also mean the word "flower".Figure, which shows one thing, as a rule, will be denoted by a noun in the singular and the nominative case.At the same time, if you draw a few items, then the word for clues will be in the plural.

# 2

In addition to learning to solve puzzles, you need to c

onsider additional signs, clues that are displayed next to the picture.It can be mathematical symbols, letters, numbers or commas.Often a combination of mathematical sign is found, letters and numbers.For example, the combination of "a = 3" indicates that the third letter of the word to be replaced by the letter "a".Similarly, the combination of "m = n" indicates that the letter "m" in the word you want to replace with "L".If the number or letter is crossed, it simply must be removed.The numbers written next to a picture, separated by commas indicate the order in which you need to arrange the letters to get otgadku.Guess the hidden word and commas help that can stand in front of a picture or after.In the first case you need to remove as many words at the beginning of the letters as a comma.In the second - the letters are removed at the end of the word.It should also be remembered that to solve the puzzle from top to bottom or left to right.And in that case, if the picture is turned upside down, and then the word will be read backwards on the front.

# 3

The rebus can be used and notes, the knowledge of which will help to solve it faster.Also, instead of the picture puzzle may consist entirely of letters.For example, standing next to the two letters "e" will be denoted by the word "hits".Alternatively, the word will be made up of letters and prepositions that indicate the relationship of these letters.For example, "ka-at-s", "sh-when-i," "in-and-forth."The most important thing to understand what the letter at / on / in what is.An arrow from one letter to another may mean motion, and accordingly, the preposition "to" or "off."If the letters holding hands, it means that you need to put the preposition between "c".If the bottom of the large letter is made up of many small, you should use the preposition "of".In the case where the letter crossed out, "not" excuse can be used in front of her.If the displayed fraction in which the letter is divided in half, then used to decrypt the word "sex".Thus, knowledge of the variety of words encryption methods help to solve the most difficult puzzles in a short time.And to do it well, either alone or with friends!