How to listen to the interlocutor , if you get bored ?

How to listen to the interlocutor , if you get bored ?
You will need:
  • Courtesy
  • Iron nerves
  • interest in the eyes
# 1

happens that the conversation is important, but so too boring that no strength.Then you have to think about how not to lose face and do not confuse the interlocutor detached vidom.Dlya First you need to know how to listen to the interlocutor, to show him all her care and respect.The main thing - to give jet signs.Nod your head, smile or sympathetic to gasp and groan - this by itself.Duplicate companion emotions mirrored.Moreover - to repeat his thoughts in a slightly modified form (this creates a "sympathy effect").From myself I can not add a word.All the above tips will help in the matter of fact, how to be an interesting conversationalist, and not hearers only, because it is often the same.During nodding and poddakivaniya can soar away from the scene, assessing at this time is, how to find the interlocutor with a "short" language.

# 2

What if I have to talk with a man very much important, but too boring?How to talk wit

h the interlocutor, to turn the conversation into a monologue?Very simple.Cover him with questions.Older people like to tell different stories about affairs of bygone years, so you can not even think about how to win the interlocutor - just in time to "pop" interesting questions.If the interviewee inflexible years, just need to find his favorite subject (work, studies, hobbies, personal life, politics, education, the fate of Russia and the whole of humanity).When the latter found, questions can be asked the most unpretentious, without specifics - such as "How do you ...?", "How did you feel when ...?", "It is hard, perhaps ..." "What do you thinkabout...".And in any case not to throw replicas "of the interviewer" - the interlocutor more interesting stories to tell about how cool.

# 3

And what if unbearably boring to listen to stories navyazshie teeth, and really want to flee society chatterbox?It's simple - you need to stop asking questions and stop responding to the speaker.If you have the nerve, it is possible to look at all and begin to do their work.But it also happens that people, even such behavior does not regard as a hint to rest from talking.In this case it is possible with a polite smile to offer the other party to the conversation in a different place and a different time.Remind the person that all of this, of course, very interesting, but the listener's ears are not helpline.Or recall the urgent matters.Or simply leave in English.Roughly, of course, but effective.