How to cause jealousy in the man she loved ?

How to cause jealousy in the man she loved ?
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# 1

If a man puts himself above the woman, and does not appreciate it, then maybe you should think howcause jealousy in a partner, perhaps this game will warm up interest in the relationship.Sometimes it does not hurt to add spice to the feelings, get jealous, even if it is not serious.The main thing - do not overdo it and do everything according to the plan, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the already existing relationship or to make them cooler.The most effective way - to make it clear that other men are also showing interest in the woman.Easy Flirt in unfamiliar company - with a little bit of everything.If another gentleman begins to seek the location of the girl - the beloved look with different eyes - the eyes of the opponent.Better, of course, if the opponent is at least something will exceed the chosen one.Competition - men in the blood.If the partner is forced to stay at work until late at night, to be in frequent busin

ess trips, or just his entourage consists of attractive ladies, begin to creep in doubt true allegiance loved one, it is often unfairly.;

# 2

So how to get rid of feelings of jealousy?The main thing - to settle down.To think, to realize the cause of all that is happening.Few people can long endure unreasonable jealousy, then you need to understand that the endless accusations can destroy relationships.It would be nice to get distracted and do something useful and interesting, for example, to prepare a romantic dinner for two.And most importantly - it is important to remember that true love is never perfect, like in the movies.How jealousy manifested?It is a strange feeling can have a variety of symptoms in males.A person who is experiencing ardent feelings, begins to fall into all sorts of extremes, for example, to look for evidence of infidelity partner, or vice versa, trying every way to attract attention and make it clear that he loves more than life darling.; A person who is jealous, becomes extremely suspicious.Every action is criticized, every partner in the campaign store implies the possibility of betrayal, and the clothing, perfume, looks, gestures and words will be assessed as a storm in the desert.There is a risk that the jealous husband will begin to dig into their pockets, to monitor the movements, asking friends, reading letters and checking the phone book.Any attempt to explain that - or such a person ends up mutual resentment and misunderstanding.

# 3

best way how to deal with jealousy of her husband, - informal conversation and clarification;the reasons for such behavior.Typically, this is the perfect way out of these family conflicts.Another way, which requires constant hard work - the constant raising of self-esteem in your favorite cheloveka.Podmechat some little things that are important for him to encourage all his initiatives, praise for minor deeds - that will help to raise the self-esteem of men.As for the female, here things are a bit easier.How to cause jealousy among the girls?The most effective way - is, of course, flirting with each other in the presence of his beloved.It will be clearly seen it, but the main is to comply with the proportions and not to overdo it.A more secure way in a given situation - notice how well looks like an old friend, passing by.Woman choosing from which to flirt in the presence of the second half, it should give preference to a stranger.This will help keep the surprise effect and the plausibility of action.