How to behave after a divorce with ex-husband ?

How to behave after a divorce with ex-husband ?
You will need:
  • Willpower
  • Vera
  • Courage
  • Good friends
# 1

Many had to go through such a difficult situation like a divorce.After a mutual decision to break off the relationship, it is clear that nothing back and the brain is filled with terrible thoughts.It seems that in front of emptiness and hopelessness.Torments many questions: what next?How to live now?How to behave after a divorce?

# 2

After the divorce, there are endless conversations on the phone with friends, experiences, women's tears, finding in itself lacks: a man falls into a deep depression.Sleepless nights and agonizing torment until exhaustion ... And how insulting it becomes after a while, when passions subside, and will understand that all the suffering was in vain.It turns out that life is beautiful and does not end after the divorce!

# 3

How to start to live after the divorce?This question bedevils every broken heart.Firstly, you need to believe in themselves and their potential should not be closed in a dre

am world and to dive into the infinite pity for his fate.We need to start a new live a full life.To do this, first of all, we should get rid of all things reminiscent of the former passion.Thus the house cleansed of destructive soul memories.Well to make a permutation, but also globally - repair.

# 4

These simple recommendations will help to decide how to live in a divorce.And it will be even more wonderful to change the image: hair, clothes, etc.It is worth visiting the temple and ask the Higher Power for help and improvement of a new life.Good plunge into mass activities is called the "head" with his cronies.This partner will be back memories of the wonderful, carefree days of youth.

# 5

In most cases, men do not go deep into the endless experience how to survive a divorce with his wife.According to research scientists, men harder to endure a divorce, but quickly finds comfort in the new marriage.Men after divorce is to do things you love, to unwind, to relax (without fanaticism anti-stress) to meet with friends.Do not despair, sooner or later in life will be the one the only one that will be meaningful and stimulate life.

# 6

Well, if after the divorce is still plagued by doubts and comes to understand that there was a fatal error, then you should seriously consider how to bring back his wife after divorce.After all, for her it was a serious stress and if she wants to see again the man who once threw it.But as they say, "in life, nothing is impossible", so do not give up.

# 7

main thing - to act, because they believe their actions, not words.We have to prove to his beloved that intentions are serious and gradually, giving her all sorts of attentions and care, go to the target.And one day, appreciating all the efforts, descend forgiveness and family hearth again sanctify creative fire of love!