How to be a good wife and a mistress ?

How to be a good wife and a mistress ?
You will need:
  • Love
  • trick
  • mind
# 1

What is to be a good wife?This question is not easy to answer because, for every man to separate the concept of an ideal wife.Most husbands to their wives impose requirements understandable only to them.But unquestioning compliance with these requirements can elevate his wife to the rank of the best wife in the world.In view of the prevailing stereotype of a number of rules of how to become a better wife.Every man deserves a little time for yourself.If the wife is very intrusive, constantly needs attention, it will not lead to nothing good.The investigation of the constant quarrels and reproaches.The wife should give her husband to go fishing, watch football or just sleep.It is this state of affairs would allow the spouse to bring to her beloved husband, and deserve attention.

# 2

At the same time, the husband surely after a while tired of such independence and wants to spend more time with his wife.Do not forbid her husband to meet with friends.

Men's sittings has not been canceled, and a glass of beer with friends will only benefit the marital relationship.To ask incriminating questions is not worth it only embitter him.Unwarranted jealousy and suspicion of a negative impact on mutual understanding.The wife should be able to trust her husband and believe in what he says.To strengthen family bonds wife is sometimes useful to stay a child, a little capricious and thus to cheer her husband.Most psychologists are inclined to believe that the periodic shake-up in the monotonous relationship is only going to benefit both.

# 3

While this is just an opportunity arises to change everyday life for something new.On the relationship with her beloved husband a positive impact transformation wife.Scientists have proved that the man only one month to get used to the image of women.Perhaps every man dreams that his wife is happy with his new hairstyles and manicures, and if you can be like once again to the shopping and clothing.Precisely because of this the husband appears proud of his wife.This husband certainly wants to return earlier to work in the arms of a stranger.Wife in this case will not prevent to dream on his way.Changing conditions also apply to housing.A good wife will be able to find the time and do a little rearrangement in the house.Of course, a husband should help the wife, the heavy furniture.

# 4

Every change will help to diversify the inner world of family relationships.Any man imagines himself the head of the family and the master of the situation.Therefore, if there is a controversial issue, in which it clearly is not right, the wife is not necessary to prove it.A good wife should sacrifice his him and think ten moves in advance.After losing the dispute once, in the future, you can win the most significant victory.No wonder the wife of homemakers, it must be patient and give the man to quench the thirst of power.Sometimes there are situations that can bring discord into the house.Wife need to understand that sometimes you need to teach her husband a sweet lie, but not the bitter truth.A good wife should know what and when to speak is often true, bring to a complete rupture of relations.

# 5

Do not bring her beloved husband to jealousy, because his wife's arguments and there exists a truth.The wife should not forget to praise her husband's actions, even if they do not always deserve it.The next time, he will know that his work was not unnoticed and will certainly make a lot more than last time.If the wife does not meet her husband, not waiting for him at home and prepares dinner is certainly not a man gave her compliments, and next time just will not hurry home.Husband have to wait in any condition, even if it is drunk.Thanks at least for the fact that he returned home.How to be a good wife does not attach to this effort?The answer is simple, this is not possible.My wife is a heavy burden on her maid in the house, srtika, cooking and, of course, small children.

# 6

Jeune hard to understand periodically, as well as all people have comes apathy, irritability, unwillingness to perform their daily duties.Here fragile woman needs to bite the bullet and forget about their desires to continue the performance of their daily routine.It is best to plan the business for some time.Especially not bothering a woman can make a menu for the week and on the basis of this already, jot down a shopping list.Do not leave things for later, the wife should have time to do everything according to plan.It should calculate the force so that they have enough for the whole list of things.Next stumbling block - the family budget.Not all families afford to live, not counting money.

# 7

good wife must skillfully cope with the family budget to the end of the month not to embarrass her husband the fact that no more money.Here in modern life need certain skills, it's not so easy to reduce the debit with the credit.By drawing up the family budget should be treated with maximum responsibility, to distribute all the money in installments to be enough until the next paycheck.It is unlikely that the spouse awarded Best wife, if she can not cook.As you know the way to a man is through his stomach.That is why, if a woman is ill-prepared, it just need to learn it.Do not forget also about the mountain of dishes in the kitchen.Wash all the necessary time.

# 8

Everything is made so difficult, but when a woman becomes a mother, she had to change their everyday schedule and take care of children.Not the best, but just need to give their best time to the kid, and the time to reach her husband, and he certainly will not be offended.All of the above rules certainly help any woman to become a great wife.Do not get all at once, we must try.Just do not forget about yourself.Use the simple proverb "A good wife is not born, become".