How to survive a divorce a woman most pain-free ?

How to survive a divorce a woman most pain-free ?
You will need:
  • awareness of their situation
  • modern means of communication
  • female cunning
  • mothering
# 1

For any woman a divorce - is first of all stress, regardless ofone who is the initiator.Loss of stability and hearth is primarily a tragedy of the collapse of the feminine.Women subconsciously begins to blame himself for what happened, as her life goal originally was to be the guardian of the family.And if the family is broken up, it is perceived as a primarily female inadequacy.To these is added torment of conscience need to live on one - to earn, to arrange life and so on.The fact that earlier was divided into two, the male and female responsibilities now fall down entirely on the woman.And as a consequence, psychological, and physical condition in the first months after the divorce, the woman becomes simply unbearable burden.How to survive a divorce?To begin to take for themselves one thing - Divorce is a tragedy, but not fatal.And experience it quite simply necessary.But how fas

t and less painful - depends on the divorced woman.

# 2

The best therapy for any difficult situation has been and continues communication.That is why, after the divorce, it is not necessary to withdraw into themselves.The modern world is packed with means of communication - telephone, Internet and so on.In order to avoid loneliness and to feel the pressure support, just enough to periodically communicate with loved ones, or the same account on any forum with the theme of life after divorce, and chat there - will truly salvation for souls wounded a similar situation.People have survived the same trouble, there is a lot of the right words for each other.In these forums, you can just cry without fear of condemnation and utter all sore, receiving in return a friendly understanding and sympathy.Who will advise even better how to live, if not women after divorce went through it?

# 3

But not always after the divorce is reconciled to his situation.Sometimes there is an opportunity to fight for his happiness and his beloved, even has her ex-husband.All make mistakes, and sometimes all of them you can still fix it.There is always a chance to change the fate.And you can try to fall in love with her husband again.Such cases are reuniting after a breakup happens quite often.It is necessary to develop a strategy of seduction.Who - if not the ex-wife knows all the weaknesses of ex-husband?In this respect, a great advantage.You can play the card so that the former man will fall into these networks with great pleasure and humility.We need to create an image of himself, in which he once fell in love and try to push a similar situation in the best memories of his life.This may well stir up old feelings.For information on how to return the husband after divorce again possible to get advice on the forums is absolutely confidential from strangers.What is not less important.

# 4

Especially this option acceptable if common children remained after the divorce.The child always suffer the most after the break-up of parents.And all means are good to shield their children from such stress.Because as adults - love today and tomorrow strangers to each other people.And for the child and mom and dad will forever family.And the care of his life, at least one parent, grief and tragedy.Adults are able to survive almost any difficult situations in life, but how to survive a divorce to a child who has not yet been formed neither morally nor physically?Divorced mothers should be carried out with the baby as much as possible, but did not cry and did not seek moral support in the children's sympathy - "a bad father and left us."Such behavior of the woman will be a huge mistake, and cruelty to the child.It simply does not hide the situation, but do not look for the guilty.Children are able to learn a lot and to take if the deal with them as adults, not forgetting, however, that all of them are children.

# 5

If you observe these simple rules and tricks - that life after divorce gradually get better and everything will go back to normal.