How to elicit sympathy from others?

How to elicit sympathy from others?
You will need:
  • How to elicit sympathy
  • liking men
  • Manifestation guys liking
  • Declaration of sympathy
  • liking girls
# 1

Each person by nature giventhe desire to please people around.The desire is indestructible, it is on a subconscious level, the DNA and the brain.All the people at some point in your life is sure to think about how to elicit sympathy.From the desire to be nice to others can not be avoided in any way: no education, no education, no whip or carrot.Depending on the characteristics of the character and mentality, their sympathy for others, each person shows their individual way and manner, seeking to maximize the desired charm and seduce him human.Methods for this one develops himself, believes their brilliant and would not believe that from the outside it may look rather strange and arouse admiration of the object are not the same feeling, which calculates the deceiver.

# 2

particularly interesting to see how a man takes a liking.Unlike women, who usually give their

feelings openly with all means at their disposal: the face, eyes, facial expressions, posture, intonation, laugh, look and talk, men express their feelings more original.Depending on the level of education, self-confidence and aggressiveness, they either try to hide their sympathy, or vice versa behave provocatively rude, or just trying to buy him a nice person.With age, men typically produce a particular style of seduction and in the future only to hone their skills, supported by a wealth of experience.But while they are still young, it is interesting to see how the guys are showing sympathy.

# 3

behavior of young boys and men is primarily characterized in that the guys are still in search of their true seduction techniques and methods so as novice experimenters, more relaxed.They are not afraid to fail and do not try to hide their perceived or obvious defects.But after they have spent some time to walk around in circles object of desire, we have to decide how to admit to liking.Ways to do as much as seduction techniques.All depends on whether it is the correct object is selected, and whether the response positive signals received from him.

# 4

The trouble is that all human beings are prone to extremes, either too confident and do not allow the idea of ​​the existence of people who do not like them, or vice versa, considering himself a mistake of nature, would not believethat there may be at least someone interesting and evoke sympathy.Declare sympathy as possible and on the forehead - the words, letters, poems, and it is possible and hints - small little presents, services, and other signs of attention.It all depends on how much will be correctly caught the wave reciprocal feeling.To do this, a little bit to understand how to show sympathy for the girl.

# 5

Recognize the true motives of the girls, and even more so to decipher her words and actions, it is impossible even when the world luminary in the field of psychology.The reactions of the girls on someone's courtship is always unpredictable and inexplicable.First, the constant mood suddenly changes, and secondly, emotions always prevail over reason, thirdly, these women tend to do first, then think, fourthly, she did not know what to say in the next second, in-Fifth, the reasons and motives of her behavior more than the stars in the sky.But most importantly, sympathy will never be mutual, until she decides that it is necessary to not make a step forward.Except for cases of direct violence, the choice is always a woman.