How to start a new life after a divorce with a clean slate ?

How to start a new life after a divorce with a clean slate ?
You will need:
  • second half
  • Divorce
# 1

Divorce.Once divorce proceedings are still many broken families and human destinies.In my heart there is a yawning gap and start to think, what to fill it.Someone stole crying into my pillow, some open face depression.Unfortunately, this process is one of the few people make happy.So start to live after the divorce?

# 2

Ways to overcome depression.Many psychologists are advised to distract from the sad thoughts with your favorite hobby, reading interesting books, going to the beauty salon.Be sure to do sports in the morning.The most important thing is not to give myself to get depressed, otherwise you can get bogged down deep.We must learn to live again, to meet new people.

# 3

So, how to live in a divorce?Try to make the soul happy.Are divorced and their positive aspects.Excuse me for a soul mate, and if you understand that it is not on the way, it is better to let go.Think of all the good things, the positive has happened in my life.Than

ks for this loved one, it is not necessary to keep him angry.It's just all need to survive.Listen to beautiful music, the singing of birds, the rustling of the grass, the sound of the waterfall.After all, life is wonderful!

# 4

consider the next stage in the relationship, how to survive a divorce from his wife?We must learn to dream.Every morning, opening his eyes, think to want out of life.Can meet your new mate?Imagine how she will be growth, what looks, eyes.How much she would love, hard and never betray will always be there.Remember our thoughts shape our future.

# 5

wonder how his wife back after a divorce?Consider whether it is necessary to do so.Maybe it is better to let go.Even if her much love, but she does not want to return to the family, all attempts will fail initially.If a wife means a lot, it is better to divorce quietly, without scandals, abuse and hysteria.Time erases everything.Maybe she wants to come to its senses and return to the family.

# 6

consider the next stage of how to behave after a divorce?The most important thing - is to forgive each other and to understand why it happened, the true reasons.We should make sure that his wife could remember only the good.It is important to be human!I realize that a new phase of life, and it will be better than the last.