How to become a tough guy : self-confidence

How to become a tough guy : self-confidence
You will need:
  • Training
  • Personal Care
  • behavioral
  • Confidence
  • Development of intelligence
# 1

So, first of all, to become cool, you start to play sports.Sport activities should take place not just for fun, and to put in order the body and make it more beautiful.After a tough guy has to look good, be fit and pumped.We need to start to go to training in the gym, swimming or tennis.All this will lead body in a good shape.Of course, if you have the opportunity to be engaged in boxing, karate or other types of martial arts, it would be even cooler.Any girl would prefer a man who not only looks good but also can stand up for her.Through training you can remove the extra centimeters that make the shapeless figure.Through training, the question of how to become a tough guy, will be half solved.

# 2

physical beauty need to emphasize self-care, as hardly anyone would call cool guy, if it smells bad breath, or he walks always in mint shirt.If a person has enough willpower to go to training

, to tidy up your body, then it would have to begin to care for themselves.Taking a shower should be at least two times a day, also need to watch out for nails and breathing.It is important to always maintain the cleanliness of hair.Clothing should always be stylish and clean, while not quite sure that it was worth a lot of money.In addition, the underwear and socks should also have a good view.Torn underwear or socks will not feel on top, even if no one sees.Much attention should be paid to the shoe, which should always be clean and tidy.

# 3

It is important to maintain a good self-esteem.You have to understand that thinking around, but the opinions of others should not affect the self-esteem tough guy.With regards to the behavior, you need to always be polite, friendly and attentive to the people around.Also, you should always keep your posture, it will look confident.Always watch for body language, as well as understand how to evaluate people.This observation might be useful to correct behavior.Guy must be self-sufficient, because the cool people do not need someone else's services.A person should try to solve all the problems on its own.If a man is self-sufficient, the people around him will not only ask for his help, but also with joy themselves will offer help.

# 4

necessary to destroy all obstacles.On the way to the "coolness" nothing should stand.Of course, this does not happen in one or two days.For example, shyness can be overcome by developing a new conversational material that will ensure leadership at the time of conversation.It should cover a variety of topics, add to the conversation jokes.Tough guy in any conversation must know what to say.We need to find ingenious and creative solutions to their problems.It is very important to stand out from the crowd, as it will show the true coolness.Guy must get out of problems easier, but the most intelligent way.In tough guy must be a balance between long-term planning and spontaneous actions.Everything and always need to work out on a lot of steps forward.

# 5

next step, which will help to answer the question of how to be a tough guy, a mental development and intelligence development.Few people like stupid men, even if they look good and smell great.How to increase intelligence?In principle, it is the same training as the exercise.For a couple of days can not be a very smart man and become "baggage" of knowledge, but to start with something you need.You can, for example, start reading various books, of course, it should not be novels or modern detectives.It is best to read the classics, historical literature.You also need to read the news on the Internet, newspapers, and watch educational television programs to keep abreast of interesting developments.If interested little bit of everything, you can always keep up the conversation on any topic.

# 6

To always be on our toes, a person should try to avoid contact with people who criticize him.Criticism is several times reduces the self-esteem, and what it is, the more will fall human self-esteem.Very often parents are guilty of human insecurity that from childhood accustomed to constantly criticize their children.It is essential to minimize contact with people who criticize, name-calling and constantly "pull down".In addition to these negative people nothing good can not give the developing personality.Of course, anyone who tries to ignore the words, but they are still lower self-esteem and spoil the mood.But if this is not avoided, and criticism has already occurred, you need to just forget it and always try to avoid it in the future.

# 7

No need to focus on their failures.Very often a man can do something does not turn out, for example, problems at work or rejected like a girl, and he walks every day with the idea.Man begins to blame himself, which was not done in any other way.The man constantly remembers that moment and his confidence and self-esteem drops.It does not help in the question of how to be cool, because next time it will be very difficult to cross the line.That is why you need to analyze your mistakes and do not pay attention to the failures occurred.Nobody has achieved success in life, it is not passed major losses and failures.We must not ignore the negativity and move forward.Do not think about the failures, it is best to think about the achievements of accomplished.Then the man will be able to become self-confident, tough guy.