How to forgive the offender : 4 stages of forgiveness

How to forgive the offender : 4 stages of forgiveness
You will need:
  • Self
  • Inner peace
  • Exposure
  • awareness and understanding of the conflict / unpleasant situation
# 1

person throughout life is facing difficulties and obstacles.Some of the problems associated with the position at work, and other health conditions.But, unfortunately, are often difficulties arise in the relationship of people, because they do not always manage to reach an understanding.Conflicts between humans may be caused by different reasons, but it is necessary to seek a compromise, to know and understand how to forgive the offender.

# 2

First we need to try to temporarily forget and not think about the offender and unpleasant situation.It turns out that it is a respite from conflict.This helps not bring themselves to exhaustion, to become stronger and sturdier, to experience happiness in life.In addition, it is good practice for the final release.No need to think about how to punish the offender prayer, it is better to pray for his prudence.

# 3

necessary to concentrate on the present.We need to think not about what happened, and that is now.It should try to tune in to a positive: giving offense is close pleasant memories.It is possible to dream of a brighter future.The best thing to do creative work or favorite thing: painstaking and interesting to do not leave time for sadness.In no event should not think about how to fight back the offender conspiracy.

# 4

If you can not get rid of the obsessive thoughts about the conflict, you need to try to look at the situation from the other side: first scroll in my head the most important moments, and then re-create the "image" and think about it.It is worth thinking about the fact that everything has already passed, and life goes on.If communication with the abuser is reduced to "no", you might think that he is far away and no longer disturbed.Thus, thinking about how to resist the offender, shall be finally disappear from your head.

# 5

can try another effective method - the "temporary loneliness."You must turn your phone off and left alone.Then sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine that a gentle breeze touches the heart and blows all the bad feelings and memories.It is necessary to allow the grievance and pain go away.Do not keep a thought as to repel the assailant words.The next step - to try to switch to a positive wave: to think about the set goals and how to implement them.Life goes on, no time to lose!