As revenge for the insult ?

As revenge for the insult ?
You will need:
  • Common sense
  • own merits
  • sense of humor
  • Time
# 1

Offended man willing to do anything - if only to get rid of the thoughts thatit has been used, they have neglected.And the first thought - revenge!To cause the offender the same, but better - a lot of trouble!And it seems that the options are there, from a purely physical effect - the machine to scratch, beat box, but just to beat the villain!- To appeal to occult forces.But we should still think - and whether it will turn so that the offender will not even notice this revenge?A resentful wasted time, effort, perhaps more than once disgraced, and after some time to calm down, he will understand that to think about how to avenge the insult, brought him more trouble than the enemy?

# 2

Therefore, there is one option - to put up, to forget, to let go of the situation ... The most pointless and bad advice to someone who is suffering, considering himself unjustly offended.Well, can not a man, his mind buzzing indignant!Ye

s, and why he has yet to forgive, all swallow, turn into a victim in the victim?So - revenge!But - what?Here it would be nice to think things through.Would not that the avenger will do more harm to himself than to the offender?Revenge requires time and effort, and to do something in the heat, and can be dishonored.No, those who conceived still retaliate, should consider how to deal with the offense at the time to follow the advice of the wise, apply this dish - a place cold.

# 3

Do not try to forget, to forgive, and even more so - not turning the other cheek.All offenders cheeks will not save enough.Cope, holding it for a while, let it be, but it does not prevent to live.At this time, you can think about revenge - so that the enemy was in pain, but you is not threatened by anything.And the ways of revenge would be good to think about affordable, evil, funny but exposing the enemy in the idiot light.And presents the results of their actions.These thoughts and evil plans will bring first malicious joy, and then a joy, which confirms that the foe - not a villain, but simply a small dirty dog ​​and just stupid and evil man, and there is nothing left but to forgive the insult!

# 4

But even if the harm caused is so great and unforgivable, the best doctor and assistant, as always, time.The time that erases negative.This is the most critical moment it seems that someone messed up life, ruined love, forced to resign from his job.After some time, an event that so offended, so unsettled suddenly seems insignificant.And one understands that more than any foe, hurt himself, and the conflict was probably accidental, not led to any results.And, realizing this, there will be only glad that did not drop to a place exercise that would not be so easy to forget the offense.

# 5

Most often the abuser revenge becomes not an end in itself, but simply a way to "let off steam" to splash out emotions.In such cases, you can certainly do something that would upset the abuser.It is necessary to pre-think - and would not it be a shame to die down painfully for his action then, when passions.And sometimes it makes sense to take the time with the right place - life itself will put everything in its place, punishing those responsible and awarding the victims.Does this hour will come or not - is unknown, but it is better not to be at the moment among the guilty.