How to return the man - lion : astrologers recommend ?

How to return the man - lion : astrologers recommend ?
You will need:
  • patience
  • trick
  • praise
  • luxurious look
  • apology
# 1

To answer the question: "How to return the lion?", The woman shouldprimarily to analyze their relationship.After all, in fact, it may not be worth it to return?Of course, the man-lion - a very eccentric personality.His power and strength make a woman on the background of a very fragile and vulnerable, as it should be really.In his arms, the fairer sex feel safe.Leo is very difficult to forget.All the men after such a "king of beasts" do not seem strong enough.But, despite a royal position, not every woman will be able to get along with the lion's ego.Next to the lion to be a queen, but the word of a man is always the law.Therefore, in order to coexist peacefully in a pair, the woman should be completely subservient to the king, but at the same time not losing "marketability", stand out from the crowd.

# 2

On top of being paired with a lion, a woman should weigh every word, his every act and look.It can, of course,

express their views, but if her judgment completely contrary to the opinion of the lion, it is better to remain silent.Also, Lions like smart the fairer sex, but the woman's mind must not overlap the den.Thus, beautiful, stable, effective Lion partner have to have the wisdom.Only this quality will have a beneficial effect on the duration of their relationship.And if the lady after all of the above still want to be close to a lion, it is necessary to think about how to get it back.Understand how to get the lion man, woman should own.After all, only she knows what her man, what are its strengths and weaknesses.

# 3

So, it is necessary to walk on his weaknesses.Almost all lions are very ambitious.That means we need to build a situation in a way to express his admiration for the lion.Better yet, if, thanks to the woman, a lion will receive recognition and praise.Here it is necessary to show the entire female trick, which may be capable female.If the goal is set, then, as they say: "In love, as in war, all means are good..." Flattery - one of the proven tools of the manual titled "How to return a man a lion?" Therefore, we must try in the most fortunate moments sing odesand praises her lover.A woman should be completely excluded from its communication with the lion criticizing statements.Now is the moment when a male lion is to be right about everything and perfect, even if it is not.

# 4

But, in spite of its pliability, a woman should not look unhappy.This is contrary could further scare off the lion.Therefore, it is necessary to be on the golden middle, on the one hand to indulge in all the king, and the other is yet to be detached from all that is happening.Leo - is a person who needs to throw some kind of bait that is interested.His eyes always fall on the most luxurious ladies.So, a woman must fully comply with its requirements.At any reception, dinner, a female representative shall overshadow rivals and have a lot of fans.Looking at all this, the lion does not want to have another.His companion simply must be the best.But flirting with other men did not cause his approval, and most likely will provoke anger and indignation.So, we need only the best of flirting.

# 5

If a woman is just so behave, it will not be difficult to return back to the lion.And all because he chooses only worthy companions.When a woman feels that parting blame a lion, do not talk about it to him.No matter who was the cause of the quarrel, the king can not lay this burden.He does not like to admit their mistakes, even rather obvious.Therefore, women have to endure the humiliation of that moment, his teeth clenched.Otherwise, any hint of a lion wrong cause it a lot of disturbances.It can even stop the conversation in a very rude manner.Pride does not allow a man-lion to be in front of someone to blame, and even more so, to the woman.For him, it is the highest degree of infringement of themselves as individuals.And if he did not apologize to this point, we expect from the lion changes would be extremely foolish.

# 6

first step towards reconciliation, it made a woman lion apprehended positively.Despite its strength, in terms of quarrels and scandals, he was always afraid to approach first.Therefore, if the lion still have feelings for a woman, her act in his eyes will look very dignified.But there are things that are not forgiven lions.These include infidelity and betrayal.Leo never go to bed with a woman who left him for another man.Despite his feelings, he just could not look at her as before.Therefore, in this case, the woman should not be approached with his apology and repentance.For the lion so the female is no longer suitable for this.That is, it is not a match for him.Lions do not forgive critics in the bedding business, so do not openly express their dissatisfaction with them.