How rude to answer the insult and whether to do it ?

How rude to answer the insult and whether to do it ?
You will need:
  • Calm
  • Tips
# 1

Many wonder how rough answer to the insult, not to remain in debt to the offender.But we should not give in to this desire, because by this verbal sparring will look stupid and ridiculous.In addition, such useless controversies usually nothing good do not end and, at least, spoil the mood for the rest of the day.Preferably just do not stoop to this.

# 2

Quite another question is how to adequately respond to the insult.The best option - just explain to the person that like that is unacceptable chat.At the same time, we must stay calm and dignity, the offender must see that it does not hurt anyone rude.Another option - to respond to rudeness humor.Perhaps this is to defuse the situation and the conflict will come to naught.

# 3

"You are very ugly and rude behave!"- Here's an example of how to respond to cultural insult.Perhaps this reaction is a little cool the ardor of the offender, and he realizes that he does not hold itself in the best light.Takin

g advantage of a pause and confusion, you can head held high to get away from the place of argument.

# 4

Sometimes, because of the tactlessness of husbands, wives have thoughts as to teach her husband's insults, and put it into place.Best of all, help calm conversation.After all, the coarseness of the family, can not hold on, and; the problem is best solved by compromise.You should never respond to a faux pas faux pas.We must show tact beloved, that you can easily communicate with each other without raising the tone.Happy is the family, where he lives harmony, and; people listen to each other.

# 5

agree, and confirm the correctness of the offender - it's one of the rules of how to properly respond to the abuse, because of the criticism, can disarm snapper.You can use the phrase "you know better ..." - she fully shows indifference to the opinion of the offender.In addition, it is better to avoid retaliatory attacks, because they only provoke the development of the scandal.It is necessary to put a point at the very beginning of the emerging conflict.And after winning a dispute it is the one who puts an end.

# 6

Do not pay attention to undeserved insults.Maybe people just so splash out their anger, and the problem is actually with them, and not those of the people they are trying to offend.