Start of training after the break : Tips coach

Start of training after the break : Tips coach
You will need:
  • Sport Training
  • Patience
  • Zeal
# 1

body - a temple.It requires care, attention and constant hard work on himself.And, if for some - that reason, the work on the body stopped for weeks, and sometimes months, you should start all over again, from scratch.Start training after a break can be difficult.So before you go back to them should be aware that the roads will not be back, but it will definitely be difficult.And when the decision to return to training is accepted once and for all, you can proceed to the next step.

# 2

Returning to the gym should not think that the breaks between workouts have left their mark, and immediately carry out the usual exercises.Start training is necessary so that if a person visits the gym for the first time.Otherwise, not only will the results, but still may appear injured.Catch up, starting "from scratch" is not difficult.Muscle body and in particular also have memory and easy to adjust to a constant load.But the man himself will be easi

er to return to regular training.

# 3

breaks in training, of course, did not go to the benefit of the body.So now it is better to settle for less than prodelyvat just a lot of work waiting for great results.If the next day after training you can not even move, the load must be reduced immediately.At first, you should only basic exercises, so as not to hurt yourself.And in process of accustoming the body to stress, it can be increased.

# 4

No matter how difficult the workout after the break, you should always listen to your body.If the muscles are constantly hurt and exhausted body, should pay attention to this.Indeed, the reason may be not only in the wrong distribution of load, but in the wrong diet.Eat need to properly and wisely.Do not forget about vitamins and minerals, which may not have enough body.Just do not abuse physical activity for those who are dieting.It may be dangerous!

# 5

should not also immediately load itself.Attend training to start is 2 times a week, gradually increasing their number.Following these rules unpretentious, return to training after a break is easier than ever, despite the fact, which has been a break between workouts.