How to forgive his father for a difficult childhood ?

How to forgive his father for a difficult childhood ?
You will need:
  • Forgiveness
  • desire to communicate with his father
# 1

ability to forgive parents - the most difficult, so that it may face adult.Echoes of the past can affect the present.Seeing his father may be in a life partner, friend, boss, or even a child.Wrongs done to a loved one, rooted in the unconscious and one way or another, affect the relationship with others.That is why it is so important to understand how to forgive his father for a difficult childhood.

# 2

Forgiveness - the first step on the path to happiness, self-reliance and maturity.Getting rid of the resentment is much wiser act than the constant squabbles with his parents.Being at odds with his father or mother, the person is a child, a victim of circumstances, someone who clings to the bad quality of their home.These people think only about how to write the father out of the apartment or annoy aunt for longstanding quibbles.

# 3

No matter who is right or wrong in the quarrel, suffer, as a rule, the two sid

es.The child, nursed a grudge against parents, can not live in full force.He does not feel safe and unconditional love.The result of this is the inability to grow spiritually.To avoid it, you need to understand how to communicate with his father in spite of everything.

# 4

sins and mistakes of parents is very difficult to forgive.Children lay on them the highest expectations, and under no circumstances are not willing to lower the bar.Year after year, there is a hope that the fix for the better, native to apologize or, better yet, will beg for forgiveness.The truth is that many are counting on it.Even those mothers who do not know how to raise a son without a father, expecting a miracle.The belief that the Pope will return to the child, is very strong, but in any case should be realistic.

# 5

With rare exceptions, most parents really love their children, but none of them is perfect.This means that everyone has a past.In the ideal case, the father and the mother transmit the best quality for their children.Regardless of the circumstances, they share love and expertise.They give a sense of security, even when they are not around.And very often the women ask questions about how to give the name of the father-child, we need only to ask her ex-husband, whether he agrees to it.Few of the men refuse to such an honor to his son or daughter.

# 6

to forgive does not mean to condone weaknesses of their relatives.It is undeniable selfishness, meanness, cruelty, meanness or care of a loved one from the family.Disadvantages of the nature of parents should not be a problem children.

# 7

In order to teach the father or mother to respect their decisions, the child will have to go to adult actions: move to a separate apartment, find a job or graduate from college.As long as a person depends on the parents, it will be difficult to avoid a conflict with them.