How to be funny and witty ?

How to be funny and witty ?
You will need:
  • desire
  • training
  • self-development
# 1

Most people are familiar with such characters, with whom communication is transformed into flour.This man is so skushen and sad that his interlocutor is willing to do anything to avoid talking to him.But this character is, and its absolute opposite.This man expresses his thoughts wonder, wit shines, has a terrific sense of humor.With such people it wants to communicate all the time, they simply attracts its charm.And, of course, ordinary citizens want to be like such popular people.Such a gift is given to man by nature at birth, but this does not signify that this skill can not be learned.If you practice, then everything is possible.The main thing is to develop a sense of humor.

# 2

main thing for the person who wants to get in the way of popularity among his entourage, is to be completely relaxed and confident.It sounds very easy, but to achieve such a result is quite difficult.This question of "how to be funny," should not occu

r.Anyone can, for example, tell jokes, but not all turns out.It is neither because these people have no sense of humor, and due to the fact that they were very nervous when speaking.Heard was false words and intonation.Roughly speaking, that person does not believe.And when dealing with him will feel discomfort.To fight against this disease is not only possible but also necessary.To do this, you need to train hard and practice.

# 3

, it is logical to think that you need to communicate a lot to be confident in communicating.And it is right.The man who wants to overcome oppression and falsehood in his speech during a conversation must seeks as much to communicate and make new friends as possible.He buys bread at the store, let them say hello and ask about things like the saleswoman.Quite simply, the most communication.At first it will be given to hard, but then it gets easier and easier.While the communication will not cause any negative impressions.Here then, a man who went through it all again tell anecdote stranger, the second reaction will be a positive.But this is only the first step to wit popularity.

# 4

next step should be precisely training wit.What kind of thing is that?Yes, everything is very simple.It is the ability of man, almost without hesitation to answer words or actions on the unexpected situation for him.While the response has to be logical and understandable, but non-standard and not predictable.On this subject, it is written many books and spent a lot of training for the development of a man of wit.But the essence of all methods is reduced approximately to one.First, the participant who wants to learn this brilliant ability to be smart.Maybe the word "smart" too loud, then you have to say is not stupid and not limited.If a person is too narrow minded and primitive way of thinking, it never will become clever.For the development of the mind requires knowledge.Knowledge of this book.

# 5

All right, you need to read.This not only broadens the mind and knowledge, but also stimulates the imagination and non-stereotypical thinking.All this certainly should help on the path to success.To wit must also and creativity.This ability to think outside the box.Books and help develop it, but this is not enough.We are looking for new experiences and circumstances in one's life.And the more they are more unusual, the better.So, traveling, visiting unusual places, unusual familiar and actions will help in this.Also used and special training.

# 6

Taki training focused on the development of imagination and unusual thinking.They are in fact the greatest set.Some of them can be disassembled.For example, walking around the city to write a song about myself, about everything that one sees around.This technique is called "Chukchi song."If you see a stone in the song inserted the word "stone", all the rhymes and diluted with all sorts of words.Further seen post and immediately breaks into a song of the word "post".Mastery can be regarded as the time when the song will turn out perfectly rhymed and make sense, or at least its history.It is also possible that something like these songs coming up and himself.Some people read the signs backwards and come up to them rhyme.Other plays himself in the association, coming up with a comparison for each object and person.

# 7

following paragraph "how to be funny."Many are convinced that develop a sense of humor can absolutely everyone.And so it is.But it's all a welcome feeling, it will not make the same man funny.Although it is possible and to train this ability.Funny People basically look sincere.Even their affectedness looks natural.From this we can conclude that in order to be a humorous person, he needs to behave completely naturally, even when extraordinary circumstances.To some it is given at birth, some unconsciously learn the will of fate, the other is worth it to learn independently and consciously.The latter, of course, will be particularly hard.But this will help exercise called "The Game."

# 8

should be recalled children.They are natural in every way.Even when they did not work, it looks absolutely normal, adequate even completely ridiculous their actions.And all because that young children perceive the whole of reality as a game.Therefore, many experts and coach for personal growth is advised when dealing with people, and indeed in everyday life, it is necessary to conduct the man himself playfully.Convert all the game.Of course, not to exaggerate the reality and look like a schizophrenic, but only perceive the environment as an interesting and exciting game.And over time people will achieve not only the amazing wit, but also will amuse and delight friends.One has only to try and not to yield from the target.