How to return her husband's passion : helping sexologist

How to return her husband
You will need:
  • Massage
  • Ethnicity
  • Flirt
  • atmosphere
# 1

For some time after the wedding, the newlyweds, as a rule, do not think thatseed life - is important and not always easy test.Within a couple of family life finds something, but something and loses.Sometimes you can lose the passion, it just hides behind monotony and predictability of relations.How to return her husband's passion?It is necessary to add to the diversity of life.

# 2

To start, you need to look the part itself.How much has changed since that time his wife, when she and her husband came into life together.It is possible that a woman something somewhere missed in their appearance and because of that passion disappeared and erstwhile husband.A woman should please her man.You should always look stylish, beautiful and fashionable, constantly monitor themselves.You do not need to think how to deal with her husband's passions, his coldness and neglect.You have to think how to deal with it and change yourself for him.

# 3

It often happens that the husband and wife love to spend their free time with friends or are constantly in the company of children.This is very good, but the two lovers to be their intimate moment.Only two of them.It is necessary to find a time to lie quietly in bed, talk, caress each other and to be able to surrender to each other completely and without reserve, rather than engage in a quickie while the child takes a shower.You - a husband and wife, so you should not constantly thinking about how to get rid of passions.We must surrender to their passion.

# 4

It is important to provoke her husband former passion, remember, what kind of relationship did you have when.Trying to recall the atmosphere and feelings that assailed on the first date.Very efficient to go to the cafe or in the park, which were passionate goodbye two lovers before the wedding.With her husband need to flirt and try to seduce her man again.This will help in how to regain the passion in a relationship.Very useful for couples who for a long time together, joint viewing porn: a movie excites men.

# 5

great way to awaken the passion - a massage.It is not necessary to do a professional erotic massage.Suffice it to gentle touches and reciprocal strokes that awaken intimate desires.In case you can also start up the aromatic oils or lotions.First let a man feel relaxed, and then you can act in a premeditated scenario.Passion will definitely come back, the main thing - very much want this and try to do the maximum.