How to wean her husband to drink beer : step by step instructions

How to wean her husband to drink beer : step by step instructions
You will need:
  • Willpower
  • Patience
# 1

When a young man begins dating a woman, then sooner or later there comes a time when he invites her to the restaurant.Sometimes the sacred words "I love you" are pronounced in a restaurant, after a small libation of alcohol and dancing.It takes time, man becomes a husband.a woman - his wife.If the change of status does not change the habits of a bachelor drink beer with your friends, then very soon the wife begins to think about how to wean her husband drinking beer.

# 2

Husbands - beer drinkers do not pay attention to the fact that the woman's sense of smell-sensitive sensitive to the smell, which appears in the apartment after the next friendly meeting with beer drinking.This smell gets everywhere and starts to make disharmony in the marital relationship.But my wife sometimes have to endure, and domogany drunken husband.He do not smell.emanating from himself.How to remove the smell of beer, destroying family relationships?

# 3

It would seem a simple thing - the love of his wife to reduce the frequency of good cheer with beer, do a useful thing for a young family.But it is not so easy to get rid of the corrosive habits waive dubious pleasure for the sake of family well-being.The inner voice whispers that we should not abandon the little worldly goods.Here stubbornness and ordinary yo-starts pounding inside.How?Unsubscribe from beer?

# 4

In this case, the wife would have to take the initiative and her husband patiently sum to the idea of ​​the inevitability of reducing the number of its competition with a green snake.There is an old, proven by many generations of reception, called "I have a headache."As it is not sad sounds, but it will have to use, if the wife is strongly thinking about how to wean her husband from a beer.

# 5

husband better not to go to extremes and find the strength to overcome the addiction without irreversible consequences for the family.It is better to prevent conflict than to try to resolve it.Whatever the patient's wife, but her patience may come to an end.To keep peace in the family, the husband has to decide how to stop drinking beer alone.

# 6

Eventually he - a man, the head of the family and must make responsible decisions.If the wife sees the firmness of his character, it will no doubt strongly contribute to its formation.There is no way to ship, setting off on a long voyage, never caught in a storm.Experienced captain is the ability to control the ship and the ability to bring it to port intact.