How to solve puzzles with numbers ?

How to solve puzzles with numbers ?
You will need:
  • Rebus
  • Paper
  • handle
# 1

When solving a riddles must take into account certain rules.The picture below to read items in Ipand units.including.If a picture is painted upside down, then the word should be read backwards.Commas after images show how many letters you want to remove from the end of the word, and the inverted comma before the picture indicate how many characters must be removed at the beginning of the word for what is depicted in the picture.Above or below the picture may be numbers.Each figure - is the letter number in a word: 1 - the first letter of the word, 2 - the second letter, etc.

# 2

defined set of numbers above or below the picture says that we must take only the letter of..the words.Slash the number indicates that the letter should be omitted.The equal sign between letters means the replacement of certain letters of the word to another letter.The letters can be shown in other letters, other letters over, under and behind them.In such cases it is

necessary to understand, in which spatial relationships are made up illustrated letters and read them with the appropriate prepositions.The letters can be displayed on the surface of the other letters.Observing these conditions, it is easy to understand how to solve puzzles.

# 3

is important to remember that in the puzzles, where the letters stand for numbers, one number corresponds to only one particular letter.If k = 8, then A can not be 1,7, 3, and others. If instead of numbers used to mark * rebus, it may denote any number from 0 to 9. 0 may also be the leftmost digit in the number of.At the decision can try a selection of the following numbers: 0 * 0 = 0, and with a * 1 = a.

# 4

If a numerical puzzle consists of several rows of characters, it can be addressed both horizontally and vertically.Do not be afraid of mistakes, because they can push on the right solution.You can try to brute force method.In any case, deciding a few lines, it will be clear how to solve the puzzles with numbers.It remains only to recall that any variation of the puzzles are very well develop logical thinking and ingenuity.