How to punish the offender : conspiracy

How to punish the offender : conspiracy
You will need:
  • conspiracy
  • courage
  • mercy
  • prayer
# 1

options of course are different.For example at a distance of revenge.One of the most convenient.But does it work?Learn just will not work.So, how to punish the offender conspiracy?On the Internet you can find a thousand and one different charms or rituals.In general, then, most of them are simple, but grand, it's worth to rely on professionals in this environment.The effectiveness of this option 50 to 50.

# 2

should not rely solely on such a questionable options.If the person being bullied, there is nothing left, how to repel the assailant.First we must remember that no one can hurt a person if he himself does not.You do not need to show her fear to the enemy.The most common attack is on the weak people internally.First you need to believe in yourself and your inner strength.Not to crush the pride and dignity.

# 3

not necessarily respond to rudeness fists.Not all the different BOGATYRSKY gaboritami.It is worth remembering

that the words are the best weapons."Quenching" furious opponent can not only cold water in the face.How to fight back the offender words?Very simple.For example skillful and clever joke or sarcasm.It is easy to grasp, but it's hard to say something.The main thing is not to remain silent, it will only worsen the situation.Words hurt deeper than swords, and sometimes from them and much more painful.

# 4

Resentment is a small drop of evil that accumulates inside.And so, little by little, you can create an ocean of hostility.It will rage inside, until a wave of rage does not flood the mind of man.To avoid this there is nothing left, how to forgive the offender.Forgiving a person frees the soul from the negative effects and cleans karma.Forgive or not always it depends on the person, regardless of the situation.

# 5

no secret that there is a prayer as well as conspiracies.So, how to punish the offender prayer?Most praying Martyr John the Warrior, when it helped the Christians, for which he was sent to prison, and then devoted his life to serving others.If a person believes a Christian prayer, faith in God and a higher justice that is his salvation.But again, as in the conspiracy, we must understand that efficiency is not more than 50%.

# 6

Of course, we can not remain silent when being bullied, but Confucius warned: "Before you take revenge, dig two pits..."