How is the change work rules ?

How is the change work rules ?
You will need:
  • labor schedule
  • Rules
# 1

labor regulations specific organization can only be determined by established kanonom regulations, regulated by local regulation, which should match the TC country.The rules are fixed, should be extended to all members of the group companies, organizations, factories, etc.without any exceptions.Universal and single form of canons for the implementation of the regulations is not, as a normative act (law) provides only rules that these rules must necessarily conform.

# 2

internal regulations necessary for the efficient functioning of each structure.The problem as to how to make some changes in the internal working order of the team, in fact, is not complicated in terms of solutions.You just have to follow the pattern of the walkthrough, so and soon workers will implement its activities in accuracy, as amended.And so, in the first place, it is necessary to correctly formulate innovation.Then align their workforce with members of the board, and th

en obtain the approval of management.

# 3

second item should be considered the following - the labor collective council should negotiate in order to initiate changes to the schedule.Change work rules can not be made independently of the Council, as they may only make demands to their employer, who is obliged to take into account the views of their employees in the process of approval of the changes in the rules of labor regulations.

# 4

In addition to the previous steps, it is also necessary to formulate those add-ons that will subsequently be made in the base (initial) text in a separate document.After coordination of this innovation with the board, it is possible to issue an order to amend the rules in effect.Subject to a few simple, but mandatory rules and the employer, and employees will be satisfied.After all, mutual respect and openness of action is the guarantee of effective cooperation.